Title of Film: Goldfish

Director(s): Andy Harrison

Producer(s): Andy Harrison, Lewis Simpson and Jim Ver

 ScriptJim Ver    
 Script DevelopmentJim Ver and Andy Harrison
 EditorAndy Harrison
 CinematographyAndy Harrison
 SoundJim Ver
 LightingAndy Harrison
 Music Jim Ver

Storyline / background information
A reflection on the life of an old man in a nursing home, and the similarities between it and the life of a Goldfish.

Source of the Idea for the Film:
A poem by Jim Ver.

Year of Production: 2013

Running Time: 7 minutes, 8 seconds.

The Talbot Hotel, Southport.

This film falls into the selected categories:

 Action-Adventure  Horror 
 Biopic  Melodrama 
 Comedy  Road-film 
 Comedy-Drama  Romance 
 Crime          Sci-fi 
 Disaster  Sports 
 Documentary  Supernatural 
 Drama Suspense-Thrillers 
 Fantasy  War 
 Film Noir  Western 

Old Man - Alan Beddows
Young Man - Mickey Stewart 
Carer - Lewis Simpson

The film was recognised by the following awards:

  • Club Electron Trophy 2013

The Talbot Hotel, Southport.

Further Information

Date added to Catalogue: 18 January 2014
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