Daniel Milan

Cool book in a big format with Daniels new edgy and itchy drawings.
Anticapitalistic abstractions.

Many pages 14€
A4 zine
Youth Attack! the new issue of Kindergarten Exposure is out and its garanteed to make the last brain cells of yours go pop!pop! Lots of halfpornografic material and very immature "art". Get it now!

"How do you dooz" by The Doozers
52 pages 25€
ISBN 978-87-92123

Entirely silkscreenprinted book, made in one week by The Doozers (FIN) ( at the Smittekilde studios. Makes people laugh. Co-released by boing being (

Karen Constance / Smack Music 7 Book+7"
60 pages
ISBN 978-87-92123-02-2
SMK-P-010/ SMK-R-008

Smittekilde is proud to present some of Karen Constances best work in one book. Squirrels eating babyheads, flesh-eating birds and eyebleeding humans all over the place. Comes with a Smack Music 7 single ,new nightmarish tunes for your listening pleasure...
500 copies
Silkscreenprinted cover, offset print inside half full color half red/black duotone. foreword by Byron Coley.

Daniel Milan - "Capitalism is terror"
45 copies printed.
26 €

Kindergarden exposure #2 - hot dog holocaust
Second issue of Kindergarden Exposure, collective zine with contribution by: Karin Lindgren, Tape Salad, Alexander Fnug Olsen, Magnus, Adrien Fregosi(FR), Malene Bang Israels Palace, Skullmold(Bornholm), Simon Rasmussen, Daniel Milan, Luca bjørnsten, Zven Balslev, Loke Sebastian, Felix Kronberg, Diedre Humphrys(IRE), Rebus, Marilou Chabert(FR).
7 €

Kindergarten Exposure #1
"your new favourite zine".
wonderful first issue of this xeroxed fanzine by Loke Sebastian & Luka Bjørnsten.

Silkscreen printed book with drawings by Stefan Rotvit, Fie Norsker, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Zven Balslev and Daniel Milan.
20 €

the final issue of Smittekilde as a collective zine.200 copies. format A5.
lots of Fun, Violence & Comics.
Features art by Andy Bolus, André Lemos, Monobrain, MC Brinkman,jelle crama, Søren Mosdal, Zeloot, Monomanic,Fie Norsker, Dylan Nyoukis, Martin Klapper, Anders Arentoft, Flemming Dupont, Jan Callesen, Daniel Milan, Zven Balslev, Karen Constance, Mika Kokkonen, Adrien Fregosi, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Andreas Marchal, Stefan Rotvit, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Jonas Delaborde, Sylvain Gerand, Zeke S.Clough and Heine Thorhauge Mathisen.
 7 €

The Rage
Sweet book by Thorgej Steen Hansen,wicked hang-loose oilcrayon artist.
Thorgej browse through his record collection, write down his favourite songs and illustrate them with a unique madman style of aggressive colorful drawings.
5 €


Intense journey into Martin Falles fragile world of drawings.
Ripped from an installation consisting of 11.153 drawed pieces!
Text in danish. Entirely silkscreenprinted.

GOO OF THE GODS by Mike Diana
Silkscreen printed fold out cover+ innercover. photocopy inside.
Zine by the master of US trash comix, all stolen from his sketchbook.
only 100 copies printed. 7€

"HIGH ENERGY" By Dorte Buchwald.

An exclusive silkscreen printed artist book by this brilliant and truly original danish artist.
The drawings in this book are so raw it looks like they were made by an animal...
Extremely limited to only 100 numbered copies.


"THE NEW FLESH" by Stefan Rotvit
36 pages 27€
ISBN 978-87-92123
(42x 29,7 cm)
Hold on tight cuz you´re about to hear Kandinsky, HR GIGER and "pointillism" namedropped in the same sentence for the first time in history! This is a collection of maniacal, poetic, organic and disturbing drawings 100 % silkscreen printed, straight from Stefan Rotvits twisted brain. it's THE NEW FLESH.

Elina Merenmies - Selected works 2004-2007
48 pages silkscreenprinted book on heavy marbled/ivory paper.
190 copies
ISBN 978-87-91896-02-6
50 €

Superb collection of Elinas deep, dark & twisted portraits, landscapes, seascapes and scary looks into the wood. A must-have-X-Ray-look of her works.

Rasmus Rosengaard & Zven Balslev
silkscreenprinted black & white , silver on black on cover.
48 pages
77 copies signed and numbered
50 €

Total postapocalyptic psych drawn mayhem from the depressed minds of Rasmus Rosengaard & Zven Balslev. SOLD OUT

Rockworld #1
After a series of comic strip releases in Slovakia, Germany and France the danish comix duo Mosdal & Ørsted is back with a 32 page comic book on Smittekilde Press. Largely based on their own experiences, the duo has created CPH Rockworld, a mercyless investigation of their hometown of Copenhagens rock scene. The result is sarcastic, sometimes sad but always funny. BABY I'M ON FIRE!
32 b/w pages in english.
7 €

All hand silkscreened book by Loke Sebastian, Luca Bjørnsten and Zimon Rasmussen.
Almost one hundred stupid drawings about one topic: Catfood.
You need it.
189 copies printed.

The Sword of Evensen
Zine by Zven Balslev and Daniel Milan. Printed on real "dansk folkeparti" (danish right wing party) election poster. limited edition of 45 copies. numbered.

Two Headed Nature
By Daniel Milan & Zven Balslev.
edition of 350 copies.
published by Schäfer grafisk værksted.
96 pages.Silkscreen printed cover.

Allis in Helleland
Silkscreen printed zine By Daniel Milan & Linda Bilda.
15x21 cm.
150 copies.
20 €