Smithy's Terms Of Business

As we use a Reach & Wash System, this enables us to work in damp and wet weather conditions, within reason. As no ladders or cloths are used, its completely safe for us to do so.
(the main reason window cleaners haven't worked in the rain in the past is because they didn't want to get wet, and for wet ladders to become dangerous).  That's what makes us the best as we keep to our appointments come rain or shine!

New customers will be charged a "1st time clean". This will be added on top of the agreed price but will be no more than £5 on an average size property. This enables us to allow more time to get your dirty windows in the best possible condition before we leave your property.
A rushed job means a rushed finish.
By charging a little extra, it allows us quality time to clean them properly.

If access to the back of your property is locked then we will only clean the front, ultimately, you will only be charged for the front. (we will NOT climb gates or walls).
The main reason for the Reach & Wash System is for Health and Safety.

Should you be out when we come to clean your windows, we will still clean them. A slip will be posted through your letterbox informing you of the date. we will call back to collect the money.

Payment must be made within 14 days of the clean. If we our unable to catch you in, after 2 attempts, we will put a self addressed envelope through your letterbox for you to be able to forward payment to us via cheque or postal order.

All prices are based on a monthly clean. Should, at any time, an existing or new customer wants to change from monthly to two monthly then the price will rise by half of the monthly price.
For example: if the monthly price is £8, the two monthly price will be £12.
This is due to two months worth of dirt build up on your windows. This will also take me twice the amount of water to clean them. (as this also costs to produce this unique pure water)