Bina Valsangkar

Founder and President of The Quito Project

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    Bina Valsangkar is the founder and president of The Quito Project (TQP), a non-profit organization dedicated to measurably improving healthcare, education, and social services in resource-poor communities in Quito, Ecuador.  The project consists of a primary/urgent care medical clinic, dental clinic, tutoring services for children, and community-based workshops, seminars, and development projects.  Since its founding, The
Quito Project has grown to incorporate over 150 multidisciplinary
professionals and students.  For her work with The Quito Project,
Valsangkar was awarded a Michigan Leadership Award and named one of Michigan’s ‘leaders and best’ by the Ann Arbor News.   

    Valsangkar graduated in 2004 from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature.  She is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health as a Reynolds Foundation Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship.  She is concurrently completing a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Michigan and will graduate with an MD/MPH in 2009.  Prior to beginning her masters
degree, she worked as an intern with the International AIDS Society in Geneva, Switzerland as a Duke Global Health Fellow.  Her post-graduate plans include a residency in general pediatrics and working in international health policy and program development.