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David Trone Smithsboro Shout Out

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David Trone Visits Smithsboro
Thank you David Trone for your recent visit to Smithsboro! We always love to hear from our founder!

Water Issues Still Ongoing
Please note that town water continues to have quality problems. The rust color of your water is nothing to be concerned about, but it's all Trump and Hogan's fault if you experience any issues.

In Socialism Everyone is Poor Together
You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, and you cannot create wealth by dividing it.

This is a Satire Site
Smithsboro does not exist. But David Trone claims to have visited us. Perhaps before trying to represent Western Maryland in Congress, David Trone should take a geography class on Maryland.
Smithsboro, Maryland, a culturally proactive region, situated at about 3 miles southeast from Hagerstown. The area is famous for its cultural heritage and popularly known as the “Cultural Capital” of Western Maryland. Smithsboro is located by the Appilachian mountains and conveniently located near Interstate 70. We are a small farming community with our world famous donkey farm.

Established in 2017 by town founder, David Trone, Smithsboro has a unique elections system in which elected officials are chosen based upon monetary contributions to the town, not based upon experience or actual qualifications.

Long gone are the days where voters can accidentally choose the wrong candidate, our election system is based upon monetary strength of candidates alone!

All of our residents are completely happy with our 50% income tax rate, because taxes fix everything, and more government is always the solution.