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We play Muggle Quidditch out of love for the sport and the series which inspired it.

Quidditch at Smith is intended to be a fun sport for anyone to participate in. We don't have "first string" and "second string" teams; it's very inclusive and you can participate at whatever level fits your life. 

We have three two-hour practices a week. You need to come to two a week if you want to compete on the team. If you just want to be involved because you love Quidditch, that's great too! Come support us, hang out with us, come to practice when you have time, and help us fundraise for the World Cup.

                                                                        Winter 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fall 2011

Smith Quidditch began in the fall semester of 2010-2011, when several women came together to help their vision of crazy people on broomsticks become a reality, which it finally did in Spring 2011 when Quidditch was chartered as a club sport at Smith. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the Smith community, and our dream has grown into a supermegafoxyawesomehot reality with the help of the many enthusiastic players on the team. Our roster currently has 30-some competitive players and a few drop-ins, though there are many others who have come to our games, cheer and/or helping us fundraise. We love and appreciate everyone involved, as well as UMass Quidditch for the advice and scrimmages.

Scrimmage against UMass, Fall 2011



To play, you'll need to have enthusiasm and excitement for the sport, a willingness to run around, possibly look silly, and maybe get tackled. If you'd rather watch or cheer, that's great too and we'd be thrilled to have you.

You'll eventually need some of your own gear (cleats, a broom) and you'll need to come to two practices a week.

If you have any questions, please contact us at squidditch@gmail.com .


Rules Overview

In short: Quidditch is played with seven players on the field at a time; a Seeker, whose job it is to catch the Snitch, a person dressed in yellow who runs around; three Chasers, who try to throw the Quaffle through one of the three hoops to score points; a Keeper, who tries to protect said hoops; and two Beaters, who throw Bludgers at members of the opposing team. The goal is to gain the most points.

The official Quidditch rulebook can be found here.