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GPS Worksheet

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0) What does GPS stand for, who developed it and where does the data come from? GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was developed by the US DOD and Ivan Getting.  The data that it is received is transmitted by a satellite in orbit that tracks your location based how close you are to the satellite (there are more than one in orbit).  If no satellite is in range, triangulation is done via cell phone towers to see where you are.

1) What is latitude? It measures the North and South positions between the poles of the Earth.

2) What is longitude? Also known as the medians, these measure the Eastern and Western positions of the Earth.

3) What is the GPS location of your birthplace? Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico (16.75487, -93.12952)

4) What is the GPS location of Harney Science Center? (37.776688, -122.4511)

5) What is the GPS location of Greenwich UK? (51, 0)

6) What is the location of Quito, Ecuador? (-23,-78.51)

7) Enter the following URL into the browser:,-121.47&daddr=37.7,-122.47
What does it show?  It shows driving directions from SF to Sacramento

8) Create a URL like above with a map from your hometown to your abode in SF. Http://,-121.35&daddr=37.79,-122.42