Hello and welcome to my website dedicated to App Inventor, within my domain you may find different projects, homework assignments, and collaborations which have been assigned for the course.

First off a little about myself:  My name is Nicolas Smith, I am an International Business Major at USF and am taking this course because I believe that education and technology go hand in hand with each other, much more so now than in the past.  This class is a lot of fun I must say!

I will be updating my site periodically with basic tutorials on how to use App Inventor's basic tools, with pictures and links to all the information if the information is confusing (and believe me it can be!).

Here are the main tools that I will be using during the course:

 http://appinventorusf.appspot.com/ :    The main bread and butter of the course, this is half of what App Inventor is about, where you set an outline for what the app will look like once you're done engineering the blocks to do the work.  The other half being the Blocks Editor, where you specify what parameters are to be followed etc.

http://sites.google.com/site/appinventorcourse/home:     The syllabus of the course.  Not much to say about it really other than this is where you'll find the specifics of the course itself.

http://groups.google.com/group/cs-107-app-inventor-course:    This is the forum where we (as students) can go to get questions answered either by our teacher, the TA, or a fellow classmate.

http://experimental.appinventor.mit.edu/  This goes to the secondary App Inventor site which may be used if one server is down.