Ten-Plus Interesting 

Sustainability Conferences

Dollar figures cover only registration, and don't include housing and transportation, and maybe not food, either.

 Eventually, the Institute would like to give small scholarships to folks attending conferences like these in exchange for public report-backs from attendees. If you're considering attending one of these, drop a line to smithmillcreekinstitute@gmail.com .  Though I created this list before I learrned about a similar list at
http://www.community-wealth.org/news/events, many of the domestic conferences below are listed there.

12-  Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference

April 18 and 19, 2007  (2nd annual event)
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

13-  Organic Grower's School

Early March 2007 (one day)  (13th year)
Flat Rock, NC
$50 maximum, less if early

14-  International Permaculture Conference/Convergence

May 2007  (8th conference, 23 years since the first, now every two years)
Sao Paulo and Pirenopolis, Brazil

15-  Congress for New Urbanism

May 17-20, 2007  (14th year)
Philadelphia, PA

16-  Portland  City Repair Village Building Convergence

May  18- 27, 2007 (7th year)
Portland, OR
Register for the Out-of-Towner Package by May 1st for only $270 for a 10-day pass, which includes lunches, dinners, evening and workshop events, housing as needed, and all site workshop access.

17-  BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies)

May 31 - June 2, 2007  (5th annual gathering)
University of California at Berkeley
$400 (less with early registration)

18- UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

December 3-14 2007

Conferences in the Past (their websites might have links to their upcoming conference) 


1-  Towards Carfree Cities VI

September 20-24, 2006
Bogota, Colombia
The goal of the Towards Carfree Cities conference series is to bring together people from around the world who are promoting practical alternatives to car dependence - walking, cycling and public transport, and ultimately the transformation of cities, towns and villages into human-scaled environments rich in public space and community life. The focus is on strategy, collaboration and exchange, assisting the practical work of conference participants - whether it be organising carfree days, promoting urban cycling, or building the carfree cities of the future. 

2-  AASHE 2006 Annual Conference

The Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable World
(Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education)
October 4-6 (Wed-Fri) , 2006  (First Annual Conference)
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
$55 student before Sept 1/ $85 after


3 -  Prairie Festival

October 6-8, 2006 (28th Annual)
Salina, KS
Speakers include
• Jakob Von Uexkull, founder of Right Livelihood Award;
• Wendell Berry;
• Frances Beinecke, Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council;
• Ray Anderson, Interface, Inc.;
• David Orr;
• Doug Tompkins, founder, North Face.

4-  Green Festival

Oct. 14-15, 2006 (3rd annual DC event)
Washington, DC

5-  Place Matters

October 19-21, 2006 (8th year)
Denver, CO 
$365/215 student

6-  Bioneers

October 20-22, 2006  (16th year)

with simulcast Satellite conference in Atlanta, GA


7-  Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Friday, October 27 - Sunday October 29, 2006  (21st annual event)
Spartanburg, SC
$160 before October 26th 

8-  EF Schumacher Memorial Lecture

Saturday, October 28th, 2006  10AM -5 PM  (26th annual event)
Great Barrington, MA
with Richard Heinberg, Stacy Mitchell, and Will Raap
$20, not including lunch

9-  Rail-volution

November 5-8, 2006  (12th national conference)
Chicago, Illinois
Rail~Volution will make available a limited number of scholarships that are based on need. Special consideration will be given to citizen activists and citizen advocates working on transportation and land-use issues. Call 800.788.7077, or visit the website for a scholarship application. Please return your application by Thursday, August 31. You will be notified the week of September 18 about the status of your application. 

10-  Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

January 25-28, 2006
Louisville, KY
$ TBA (keep checking website)

11-  New Partners for Smart Growth

February 8-10, 2007  (6th year)
Los Angeles, CA 
Cost unclear