MYTH OR FACT

                                  Chinese Myths or Fact

                   Much of early Chinese mythology was an influence on

 the Eastern thought. The thought that the world was created by

a perennial being seems to be common in many cultures.  The

Pangu and creation of the world  is a Chinese Myth that

being born of an egg brought into the world the concepts of “Yin

and Yang” –Earth and Sky.  In this Myth Pangu is credited with

putting him self between the sky and the earth. Growing at a

rate of ten feet per day for 18,000 years he was abel to seperate

the earth and sky by a distance of 30,000 miles. When his task

was complete he went to sleep and never woke up.





               Pangu eventually became the "center or balance" in the

world. The common thread of all opposites was held together by

Pangu.  He also slept in his "egg" for 18,000 years. He woke up

and cracked the egg. He immeditely formed opposites by

seperating  the heavy parts and the light parts of the egg. 

Heaven and Earth were created.






           When Pangu became part of the world in passing of life. 

Everything from his sweat (which became dew)and his hair

(which became the trail of stars in the sky) became part of the

world.  All of the elements as we know of them were from this

masculine being.

              Pangu being born of the Cosmic egg is a common story in

many cultures. All though there is speculation on the origins of

such stories the fact remains that early spiritual and scientific  

thought were influenced by such stories.

                Many of the famed Martial arts were developed by the

"viewing" of animals. The "Mythical Creatures" such as the dragon

were also a source of study for the developement ot these arts. 

        Hengo and The Twelve Chinese Moons were the belief that moon

was taken on a  chariot  and twelve of them would travel to the other side

of the world . This is where the SUN would begin its journey. 


                  The  calendar of the year was based on this concept. They also

believied that the moons were made of water and a white "Hare" or a toad

lived in the interior of the Moon.