About Our Site
We are a group of students and faculty mobilizing to start a vegetable garden at Smith College. Our mission is for the garden to be a practical academic tool, to engage the Smith community, and to serve as a model of sustainability. With this garden, we will revive the historical tradition of students growing victory gardens. The aim of our garden will be educational, an experiment that will allow us to practice Smith College’s standards of sustainability. A few students will organize volunteers to help on the garden throughout the summer season. In the fall, we will celebrate our work with a local harvest dinner. We are currently examining multiple locations on and off campus. The garden will be an educational tool for a variety of departments on campus, including Environmental Science and Policy, Landscape Studies, Studio Art, Biology, Engineering, Geology, Sociology, and History. The garden will provide an arena for Smith community engagement. We plan to have well-publicized work days and to involve a wide range of faculty, students, and staff in our project. The garden will be turned into a space that celebrates nature, physical work, and healthy eating. This is an excellent opportunity for Smith College to reinforce its commitment to sustainability. For the first year, we plan on a pilot program. You can read our full proposal on the blog.  

If you are interested in learning more, volunteering, or have any comments or feedback, please email us at smithgarden@gmail.com.