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Tours and Education

Firefighters can come to your school, church and other community group for safety, first aid and other presentations. Your groups are also invited to tour our fire station. The following guidelines have been developed for tours and presentations: 
·      All tours and presentations must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, preferably four weeks in advance.


·      Tours and presentations can be arranged any day or evening except Wednesday nights when we train.


·      This is a working fire station. Please keep in mind that we could be paged to a call at any time before or during your scheduled tour or presentation. If this happens, we would be happy to reschedule. But please prepare your kids in advance. Otherwise, we could have some very sad children when they arrive at an empty fire station.


·      Many of the tools and equipment in our fire station are sharp and potentially dangerous. Groups larger than 15 may have to be split up among different tour guides. If this happens, you will also need to provide additional adult chaperones to help ensure safety and maintain proper behavior.


·      All tours and presentations include discussions about fire safety appropriate for the age of the participants. We can cover other topics in our tours and presentations, but this may require additional advance notice to ensure that the appropriate tour guide or presenter is available.


·      Please have alternate dates and/or times when you call to arrange for a tour or presentation.


·      To schedule a tour or presentation, contact Brian Potts at 563-3056.

Smoke Detectors
The department has a limited supply of smoke detectors, free for people who cannot afford them. For more information, call Brian Potts at 563-3056.