Follow these three simple steps for player registration (for NEW and RETURNING players!);

For new and returning players, fill out online sign-up form. This step is important as it provides all the information the league needs to send to insurance for each player.
Click HERE to go to the online form. 

For new and returning players, download, print, and sign waiver form. Click HERE to download waiver form.

For returning players, drop player fee* and signed waiver form off with team rep before deadline. 
For new players, drop player fee** and signed waiver form off at Aqua North Plumbing (3859 First Ave, Smithers)

* Returning player fee's are set by the player rep on each team.  Please contact your rep to see how much your player fee will be each year.
** New players fee are set at $500 for a season.  We play approximately 35-40 games with refs, as well as the year end tournament.

New team Registration
If someone is interested in putting in a new team, please email Mitch Pederson at, before Aug 15.  The team fee is approximately $8500/team, we would recommend a minimum of 15 players.  Please note, the team has to be approved by the Rec committee at the meeting at the beginning of the season.

We strongly encourage new teams!  If some younger people get a good group together but don't quite have enough, let me know as there are always new sign ups and extra players if we need to fill out a team.

Early Registration
Starting in the 2016/17 season, the rec committee decided to implement an early registration, this is attempting to provide more exposure earlier in the summer as well as provide incentive for teams to get organized and pay their fees earlier. 

Any team or player that pays their fee before Aug 15 of each year gets a discount. For fee's paid before the deadline;
-- Team fee $8000/team
-- New player fee $500/player

Mitch Pederson,
Mar 2, 2014, 3:31 PM