SRHL Rules

Season Rules
Standard hockey rules apply (for interpretation refer to the most current BCAHA Rulebook), SRHL has added additional rules to suit our league. These rules are in addition to the BCAHA rules and are listed below:
  • Games are two 35 minute running time period with a flood in the middle.
  • No slap shots.
  • Minor penalties are 2 minutes long from the time the referee drops the puck after the penalty is called.
  • 3 penalties from the same player and you will be ejected from that game.
  • No fighting. Any fights will be reviewed by the League Administration (at their convenience) and players will be suspend or fined accordingly. If a fight does occur when there are no team reps on the ice, someone from each team should notify their team rep so the fight can be reviewed. 
  • The League Administration reserves the right to enforce any rule on a case by case scenario, trumping any of the aforementioned rules.  To find out what the League Admin is please see it designated page.
 General Rules
  • Absolutely no abuse (verbal or otherwise) to any officials is acceptable, players and officials are responsible to report any incidences to the League Administration.  We already have problems getting referees to our games player abuse does not help improve our league.
  • Players from each team must exit their dressing rooms before 1:15am otherwise the Town will fine the SRHL.  If a fine does occur that fine will be passed on to the team caused it.
 Tournament Rules
  • Emphasize before tournament, that we want the officials to call the penalties.  The tournament is suppose to be fun, but we can't wreck it for future years.
  • 2 referees for the playoff games.
  • No changing during a stoppage, only exception is after a goal is scored.
  • Zero fighting tolerance, if the gloves are dropped for any reason that player is ejected from the tournament.
  • Zero tolerance for official abuse, if teams are yelling at the official, the official can terminate the game and the offending team forfeits the game.
  • Zero tolerance for substance abuse on the ice.  If a player is to intoxicated to player, his/her own team is responsible for keeping them off the ice!  If the official suspects a player has been drank too much and his team allowed him to play, then the player must immediately leave the ice and the other team is instantly awarded 2 goals.
  • Overtime
    • All overtime is stop time
    • 5 minutes of 4-on-4 (if penalty is assessed it is 4 on 3).  Followed by;
    • 5 minutes of 3-on-3 (if penalty is assessed it is 3 on 2).  Followed by;
    • 2-on-2 until a goal is scored (if penalty is assessed it goes 3 on 2).
    • Changes are allowed during overtime.