Parent's Page

Welcome, Parents!
Our club promotes fun, fitness & achievement through skating.
It's a healthy activity and great way for kids to enjoy our Canadian winters.  

If you have any questions about skating and can't find the answers on our website, just ask a coach or club executive member.

Parent's Code of Conduct
The Smithers Figure Skating Club encourages all parents to abide by the Skate Canada Parent's Code of Conduct provided below.
Carnival Information
Each year our club hosts a carnival at the end of the season, to give our skaters the opportunity to share their talents with the community.  Preparing for carnival also keeps students interested and engaged in skating for the second session of the season.  The attached Carnival Handbook provides parents with information to prepare for their child's skating carnival.
What's in the handbook?
Section A: Carnival Volunteer Job Descriptions
Section B: What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Child's Carnival

Skate Fitting Guide & Skater Rules
See our skate fitting guide and a few rules for skaters on the ice below.
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