Smith Eliot Newsletter             

April, 2006            


XX XX Y wins Best of Show at the Center for Fine Art Photography 

Eariler this year my work was juried into the "After Dark" Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography.  I was delighted to win the award for best of show!  "After Dark" is on display from March 31, 2006 through April 29, and was favorably reviewed by Stacey Nick of The Coloradoan,


 The Tank Room Dial Box,  Dammasch State Hospital





Works in Progress

As many of you know, in October of 2005, I gained access to the now defunct insane asylum formerly known as The Dammasch State Hospital.  I have since returned 6 times and have spent over 40 hours combing the corridors, medical facilities and tunnels.  In January i started building pages at my home site, so check it out! And to see my home page, click here.


 Upcoming Shows & Events

I will be showing in a group exhibition of Self Portraiture in the Alexander Gallery this coming May.

I am also slated for two Individual Exhibitions of my Dammasch Project both entitled, delusions of reference.  Both shows will be large-scale, photo based installations. The first of these will be shown at Pushdot Gallery in November of 2006.  The second will open at the Littman Gallery in March, 2007.


A Quick Thanks... 

To former caseworker, Emilie Boyles for hours spent in conversation about Dammasch.

To Rick at Costa Pacific Communities for showing me around the haunted hallways at Dammasch and for relinquishing the key.  ooooooh!

To the ever-wacky "Sploid" for choosing my Dammasch pages to represent the old Hospital on their site.