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BtVS/AtS - Faith-Centric Fics

 Just another day...

Rated PG - nothing objectionable

A 1,600 word ficlet.  Just another day in the life of Faith.


The Last Seduction

Rated PG13 - sexual innuendo and profanity

A Faith/Lilah fic written for a ficathon entry.  Lilah want something from Faith.  Will Faith give it to her?


BtVS/AtS - Faith/Spike Fics


Reyal's Rellik 

Rated PG-13 due to violence and language

This story takes place mid-AtS season 5 and BtVS post-Season 7.  Faith finds herself in LA working with Angel and company to fight yet another Big Bad. Has she gotten into more than she can handle? What are the strange dreams she's having? It's up to Faith to figure out exactly what's going on before it's too late.

 Back to the Beginning

Rated R due to language, violence, and sexual situations

Faith starts having more prophetic dreams and soon realizes that it's time for she and Spike to hit the road. Spike can't believe where the road leads them and what the cost will be to both of them.


Rated R due to language, violence, and sexual situations

Giles receives a mysterious communication that sends the gang to a new place, a new slayer, and a new threat.


BtVS/AtS - Buffy/Angel Fics

IWRY 2005 Ficathon Entry

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Rated NC-17 due to language, violence, and graphic sexual situations

This story is set five years post NFA and Chosen. Buffy gets a recon mission from Giles. Will she find more than she expected?

IWRY 2006 Ficathon Entry

What is forever?

Rated NC-17 due to language, and graphic sexual situations

There's only one person who can help Buffy get through the death of her mother, but at what cost?

What you wish for...

Rated PG - Nothing objectionable

Set post-Chosen.  It's Christmas and Buffy doesn't know where Angel is and hasn't heard from him since the night in the Alley.  What would you wish for?


BtVS/AtS - Buffy/Spike Fics

A Normal Life

Rated PG

Buffy finally has the normal life she always dreamed of - so what's missing?

When one door closes...

Rated PG - Nothing objectable

What if Buffy decided not to go back to Sunnydale after sending Angel to hell?  How could her life have turned out?


BtVS/AtS - Scooby Gang Fics

Rated PG - Nothing objectable 

Let the bantering begin!

What do Buffy, Willow, and Xander talk about when they're out on patrol and a certain Watcher is dating a certain computer teacher?


BtVS/AtS - Giles and Anya Fics

Rated R due to language, violence, and sexual situations 

Every little thing she does is magic


BtVS/AtS - Fanged Four Fics

Puppies, Virgins, and Rubies

Rated PG - Nothing objectable

What do two souled vampires do when one of the family comes home for a special day? 


Holiday-Centric Fics

Rated PG - Nothing objectable

A Christmas Tree - 2007 


The Buffybot and Mr.  Gordo Series Fics

Co-written by ShindoBear

Rated PG - Nothing Objectionable

The Buffybot and Mr. Gordo Save the World

The Buffybot and Mr. Gordo Save the World... again


Crossover Fics

A Sweet Ride

Rated PG - Sexual innuendo

One time that Dean Winchester and Faith Lehane didn't actually meet.