Our Aim

Our aim is to have an delightful and happy environment and do more than simply teach our young children; we introduce them to the pleasure of learning, building their confidence by encouraging them to participate in daily activities and to explore their talents and interests.

Whilst aiming to develop children academically, children are also encouraged to be kind, helpful and to learn to share and enjoy the school environment.

We ensure that at Smiling Angels our staff provide opportunities and activities which will encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, communication and language development of each child. Along with developing their personal, mathematical skills,  expressive arts, literacy and  knowledge and understanding of the world.

Acknowledging the seven areas of development in our daily routine in line with Ofsted's requirements, each child will meet expected targets and next steps.


Parent/Carer Partnership

All the staff at Smiling Angels will a build relationship with each parent and carer so they can feel comfortable and also the children will adapt to and settle in with ease.

Smiling Angels put in to affect our Staff to Parent or Carer Partnership; by speaking to each parent upon collection in the evening, handing out daily reports of their child's development and via monthly newsletters.

We also welcome parents opinions and suggestions and when we have our community acknowledgement, we ask parent or carers to come in and speak about their careers to the children.

This will enhance all children's knowledge and understanding of the world!


All the food at Smiling Angels is cooked on premises by our qualified kitchen staff members.

 We will ensure that while your child is in our care we will provide a healthy and well balanced diet every day. This will include water, milk or juice on occasions.