Welcome to my page! I keep my public breed request lists for DragCave here. You can ask to be added to a list by PMing me on the DragCave forum or posting in the thread where I announce the list. Feel free to request a pairing not yet listed. I do not permanently pair. I will gift common eggs. See my wishlist for what I'm interested in trading for, but I will consider other offers as well.

My Scroll Goals:
  1. Have at least 1 male and 1 female adult of each species that genders, and an adult for each species that doesn't. CB if it is possible to get CBs.
  2. Have a 1:1 gender ratio for caveborns of each breedable species.
  3. Have a male, female, and ungendered hatchling of each dragon type that has genders, and an S1 and S2 hatchling for each type that doesn't gender. For breedables, I would prefer hatchies with messy lineages, so I won't mind freezing them.
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