Q: How old do I have to be to apply?

A: Applicants should be 18 or older.

Q: How long does it take to complete your program of study?

A: Most students complete our program in 1-2 years, though it is up to each student to set a pace for himself that works.

Q: Do I have to sit and learn all day long?

A: We encourage bochurim to keep with the learning seder, but we also provide for a wide range of other activities.

Q: I was never the best student in class. Am I able to study Smicha?

A: Our program is rigorous and challenging. But we firmly believe that our program is also accessible to all. Along those lines, we provide each student with the attention and guidance he needs to succeed. We also have a network of tutors available for hire.

Q: Who tests the students for Smicha?

A: The esteemed head of the Los Angeles Beis Din, Rabbi E. Tauber, administers all Smicha examinations.

Q: How much does your program cost me?

A: We require that a $500 registration fee be paid in full before attending. The cost of attending our program is $1000 per month and includes tuition, room, and board. Please contact Rabbi Katz to arrange any and all payments.