Our Home


We became the owners of our first house April 11, 2007.  We began almost immediately with painting and new carpet.  We have now added siding, doors, windows, flower bed, and roof.  In addition to the work we have done outside, we have created a master bathroom. 


Please excuse the carpet on the front porch.  We were getting it replaced when the pics were taken.

After (taken June 2008)



Master Bathroom Before

This room was just a catch all.  It was not big enough for a bedroom and one in had a closet so we decided a bathroom would be great!   There was no Mater Bathroom when we moved in.


Master Bathroom After

Check out my EW tile!  DH did the tile.  It was his first time!  I think he did great!


Spare Bedroom


My husbands Car room.  One the other side there are two shelving units that hold his diecast cars.  All of them of course are Camaros.  The one you see in the picture is his before he did all of his modifications. 


Master Bedroom

Please excuse the mess in the corner.  We have been doing some major changes in the house.


Our Kitchen


Hall Bathroom


Note:  Hall Bathroom will be getting tile, paint, and a new vanity one day.  The Kitchen will be getting tiled also. 


Living Room Pics to Come soon!