I have always wanted to go to Disney World and I finally got to on our Honeymoon.  It was wonderful!  We started our Honeymoon in Daytona, FL then went to Orlando, FL.  We had a great time!

My husband was a huge Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan.  He loves his Sunday afternoon Nascar races. 

So on our way to Disney World we stopped in Daytona to tour the Daytona International Speedway.

First Stop- Universal Studios and Island of Adventures



The characters at Universal's Seuss Land were so much fun!               

The Grinch was trying to pick my nose and the Cat in the Hat was being difficult to take a picture with.

My very own Popeye the Sailor man...Toot! Toot!

We FINALLY made it to Cinderella's castle.  I definitely felt like a kid at Christmas!!!

I took a picture of this as we "boarded" the Disney Jungle Cruise.  I showed the picture to

my cousin when we got back and she said she wanted one.  I asked her if she realized they were talking about Tigers!


The Castle at Night!!  What a way to end our Honeymoon in Orlando!


I can't wait to go back!!!