Assessment of learning can happen on a number of levels and for a variety of purposes. Determining what is being assessed and why allows instructors to more carefully align learning objectives, activities and tools to pinpoint where each student's strengths and weaknesses are. With the growth and availability of technology, assessment for learning in distance education has taken on a whole new dimension. What previously remained shrouded by physical distance between learners and instructors is no longer an issue. Tools to create quizzes, promote reflection, make connections, build learning communities, encourage creativity and allow students to become the producers of information, rather than just the consumers, have helped distance education become an effective and reliable means of learning.

What follows is a module built on carefully constructed learning objectives that address Bloom's Taxonomy at multiple levels, aligned with activities, assessments and tools selected specifically to support those learning objectives. A description of the course and the mission statement of my school district, as well as a more detailed explanation of the module have been provided to put each piece in context.