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1st General Meeting

posted Oct 4, 2009, 1:31 PM by Shu Li
Hello everyone!

I am Massiel Abrego the secretary for IIE and I wanted to thank you all for attending to our first IIE/SME meeting, and for the ones that were not able to attend we hope to see you in the next meeting, we really want you guys to come out, participate, and have fun ! remember that IIE/SME is there to help you all so please take advantage of it!

We have two activities this week !
  On tuesday 09/15/09 morning we will have doughnuts for sale !!
       if you want to help out with fund raisers or get involve please email or we greatly appreciate all the help the help we can get:D and everyone is welcome!

  On Thursday 09/17/09 (4:14 pm Room B212) we are going to have a speaker from the career center to talk
  about Eng. Day and give us tips on our resumes

Also remember to send us your resume so that we can distributed to the different companies on the Eng. day!

  On Tuesday 09/22/09 we will have an info session from Northop Grouman the speaker is an FSU alumni !!
  they have great tips and info on IE careers, and on how we can enrich ours !

Our Next General Meeting is schedule for Wednesday 10/07/09 at 5:30
        For our next meeting we will have a Green Belt Six Sigma so you can come and here about what Six
        Sigma is and why it is so important for IEs!
        And we will have Wings !!

Attached is the power point presentation from our first meeting if you want more info about what is going on !

thank you very much for your time ! Hope to see you get an advantage of what IIE/SME has to offer !!
and remember that all comments and suggestions are welcome ! Get involved !

Best Wishes !
Massiel Abrego
Secretary of IIE
850 322 8407
Shu Li,
Oct 4, 2009, 1:32 PM