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1st General Body Meeting, FALL 2010

posted Sep 12, 2010, 8:03 PM by Shu Li   [ updated Sep 21, 2010, 1:45 PM ]
Start: 6:00 pm

• Information pamphlets about manufacturing and each society located on the front table.

• Officer Introductions

September 9, 2010


Brian Conklin – Chair

Alex Mendoza – Co-Chair Elect

Rachel Parker – Co-Chair Elect

David Nechvatal – Treasurer

Samantha Beaudoin – Secretary


Santiago Baus – Chair

Chelsea Armbrister – Co-Chair

Sayra Acuna – Treasurer

Elizabeth Morley – Secretary

• Important Dates

o General Body Meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month.

o Agendas will be given out soon with other important dates and information.

• Sports

o David Nechvatal is in charge of coordinating all of the sports.

o The first flag football game will be on Monday, the 13th, at 7 pm.

o Other sports this fall will be Kickball and 3-Pitch Softball.

o Contact Dr. Perry about FAMU students participating in IM Sports.

• Events

o Engineering Without Borders will be hosting their annual 5K run.

o Pizza and Bake sales will be held throughout the semester.

    We need volunteers to run the table, pick up pizza, bring baked goods, etc.

o We will be making a trip to Bear Paw on Sunday, September 26th.

    Anyone can come and we are going to meet at Lowe’s on Capital Circle at

    9 am so we can carpool.

• Community Outreach Programs

o Summer Composite Skateboard Camp will be held again this summer.

o We are trying to refurbish the Dick Howser Center

    They run a day care for FSU teachers.

    We would like to appoint an event chair to coordinate this project.

o We are also planning on doing some work with Apalachee Elementary.

• Registration and Recruitment

o To be a national member of SME, it cost $20.

o To be a national member of IIE, it cost $30.

o We will give back half of the membership fees to new members.

• Engineering Day

o The fall Engineering Day will be on Wednesday, September 15th.

o There will be a webinar at 3 pm in room B210 about jobs in heathcare.

• Tutoring

o We are teaming up with APM to hold tutoring/review sessions for major classes.

o Dates of these sessions will be announced at a later date.

• Car Wash

o We will be pre-selling tickets to encourage attendance.

o Wal-Mart is a possible location.

o We are trying to have the car wash on October 2 or 3.

o Fundraisers like these can help us make it to a conference.

• 6σ Certification

o We hope to be able to offer 6σ Green Belt Certification for those interested.

o There are student discounts and additional discounts for members of IIE.

o The current cost per person is $475 but we hope to get the price reduced to $200.

o 6σ Green Belt Certification can give you an edge over competitors.

• Contact Information

o Our email address is

o An email will automatically be sent out to all of the officers.

• Future Officers

o If anyone is interested in becoming an officer next year, please contact a current

officer for information.

• Raffle

o The first give-away was a $25 iTunes gift card.

o The second prize was an IIE/SME t-shirt.

o Two free memberships were also raffled.

Finish: 7:30 pm