Meeting Minutes

2nd General Meeting 2011

posted Feb 9, 2011, 7:32 PM by Shu Li


 IIE General Body Meeting 2


Start Time: 4:40

Ÿ General Body Meetings for Spring 2011

3rd Wednesday March 16th, 2011 - 4th Wednesday April 6th, 2011

- Time, 4:30, possibly going to change

-Where TBA

Ÿ Quick Facts

Brian: False, Originally from Panama City, Fl

Santiago: False, I love tennis


Ÿ Career Center

Megan Waldeck

Office- B226, Office F




-Career Objective

-to obtain a _______ position in _______ (field) where I could use my _________ skills.


-spell out things: B.S.= Bachelor of Science

- name of university

- Graduation date

-only month and year

-Experience, Course Work, or Volunteer Experience

-depends on person

- basic experiences description

- place, location, dates

- location, only city and state

- No Interests unless it’s relevant

- Skills

-show how you gained those skills

- References

-always on a separate page

- “available upon request” if not asked for them

- Resume Critiquing

- Handout


- Know Yourself

- academic background, experience, special skills (languages, computers), activites, personal qualification, career goals

- Researching Employers

- Enables to ask well-informed questions

- Expected by interviewers

- Size, organizational structure, products or services, current events/trends

- Geographic locations

- At Career Expos

- Body Language

- don’t look closed off (arms crossed, etc)

- Don’t monopolize employer

- look for cues

- Make it quick

- Give resume, ask for business card, answers questions/talk about qualifications, thank them for time and info

- Walk away and take some notes

- how you did and things you talked about

- good for follow ups, emails

- Interview Behavior

- Do:

- Arrive Early

- Shake hands firmly

- Make eye contact

- Sit up straight

- Listen Carefully

- Speak clearly

- Smile

- Address interviewer by title

- Don’t:

- Chew gum

- Bad mouth

- acting overly confident

- stare down interviewer

- interrupt

- slouch

- Types of Questions

- Educational Background

- Experience

- Career Goals

- Personal qualities

- behavioral

- S.T.A.R. Technique


- Task

- Action

- Resules

- Interview Activity

- Pick Partner and practice asking/answering questions

- Examples of Sensitive Questions

- Should not be asked these

- Age

- Planning ot Marry?

- Race

- Religious Background

- Do you have children?

- Any physical disabilities?

- Have you ever been arrested?

- Your Questions

- Result of thorough research

- Could Address:

- hiring criteria

- job duties

- performance evaluation

- career paths

- Questions to avoid

- Salary

- Benefits

- Vacation/Leave time

- Perks

- After Interview

- Thank you Letter

- reaffirm interest

- improve/update answers

- mention points overlooked

- Evaluation

- What would you do differently?

- where can you improve?

- what were your impressions?

- what can you expect next?

Ÿ First Year Engineering Lab

Volunteers needed

- Middle of April

- 2 day event

- Thursday Morning and Friday Afternoon

Questions goes to Brian or Mr. Taylor

- really good recruiting for IME Department


 Deerlake Middle School, Tallahassee, Fl

- Need Volunteers!



- Jerry Horn- Coordinator

Next Wed: 2/16/11

- 8:30am - 3pm

- Shifts anytime


 - work with kids

- shows leadership

- community involvement

- can go on resume

Ÿ Dick Howser Center

- Little late for a major project this year, but planning for next year

- Building new playground area

- Fundraising needed

- Volunteers needed

- See Planning Committee: Sayra, Justin, or Maria

Ÿ Conference

 - Feb 24th-27th

- Gainesville, FL

- Cost: $125

 - Covers hotel and registration

 - Carpooling

- Talk to Santiago to get link

Ÿ 6 Sigma

- Feb 18th-20th

- Location

- Friday and Sunday: A105 8am-4pm

- Saturday: A337 from 8am-4pm

Ÿ Sports

- Co-REC Soccer

- Tomorrow 2/10, 7pm

- Co-Rec Softball

- Thursdays 9pm

Ÿ Socials

- Tom Brown

- Bear Paw

- April 9th and 16th

- Time: TBA

- Everyone welcome!


Ÿ Skateboard Infusion

- Make Skateboard

- Raffle: Tickets $5 - Raffle help either next meeting or during IME Week



- People who attend Infusion will get a ticket - Infusion Date: TBA

Ÿ Recruitment/Officers

- See Santiago or Brian

- Let us know what position your interested in

Ÿ I.M.E. Week

- Recognition Week for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers

- Ideas?

Ÿ Spanish 101

Words of Day:

Frio: Cold

Tarea: Homework

Sueno: Sleepy

Sentence of Day:

- Esta haciendo frio y tengo sueno pero voy a hacer la tarea.

- It’s cold, I’m sleepy but I’m still doing my homework.


1st General Body Meeting, FALL 2010

posted Sep 12, 2010, 8:03 PM by Shu Li   [ updated Sep 21, 2010, 1:45 PM ]

Start: 6:00 pm

• Information pamphlets about manufacturing and each society located on the front table.

• Officer Introductions

September 9, 2010


Brian Conklin – Chair

Alex Mendoza – Co-Chair Elect

Rachel Parker – Co-Chair Elect

David Nechvatal – Treasurer

Samantha Beaudoin – Secretary


Santiago Baus – Chair

Chelsea Armbrister – Co-Chair

Sayra Acuna – Treasurer

Elizabeth Morley – Secretary

• Important Dates

o General Body Meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month.

o Agendas will be given out soon with other important dates and information.

• Sports

o David Nechvatal is in charge of coordinating all of the sports.

o The first flag football game will be on Monday, the 13th, at 7 pm.

o Other sports this fall will be Kickball and 3-Pitch Softball.

o Contact Dr. Perry about FAMU students participating in IM Sports.

• Events

o Engineering Without Borders will be hosting their annual 5K run.

o Pizza and Bake sales will be held throughout the semester.

    We need volunteers to run the table, pick up pizza, bring baked goods, etc.

o We will be making a trip to Bear Paw on Sunday, September 26th.

    Anyone can come and we are going to meet at Lowe’s on Capital Circle at

    9 am so we can carpool.

• Community Outreach Programs

o Summer Composite Skateboard Camp will be held again this summer.

o We are trying to refurbish the Dick Howser Center

    They run a day care for FSU teachers.

    We would like to appoint an event chair to coordinate this project.

o We are also planning on doing some work with Apalachee Elementary.

• Registration and Recruitment

o To be a national member of SME, it cost $20.

o To be a national member of IIE, it cost $30.

o We will give back half of the membership fees to new members.

• Engineering Day

o The fall Engineering Day will be on Wednesday, September 15th.

o There will be a webinar at 3 pm in room B210 about jobs in heathcare.

• Tutoring

o We are teaming up with APM to hold tutoring/review sessions for major classes.

o Dates of these sessions will be announced at a later date.

• Car Wash

o We will be pre-selling tickets to encourage attendance.

o Wal-Mart is a possible location.

o We are trying to have the car wash on October 2 or 3.

o Fundraisers like these can help us make it to a conference.

• 6σ Certification

o We hope to be able to offer 6σ Green Belt Certification for those interested.

o There are student discounts and additional discounts for members of IIE.

o The current cost per person is $475 but we hope to get the price reduced to $200.

o 6σ Green Belt Certification can give you an edge over competitors.

• Contact Information

o Our email address is

o An email will automatically be sent out to all of the officers.

• Future Officers

o If anyone is interested in becoming an officer next year, please contact a current

officer for information.

• Raffle

o The first give-away was a $25 iTunes gift card.

o The second prize was an IIE/SME t-shirt.

o Two free memberships were also raffled.

Finish: 7:30 pm

3rd General Meeting

posted Nov 9, 2009, 8:52 AM by Shu Li


Reminder of upcoming events:

*ASCE BBQ THIS Sunday 11/8 @ The Rez 1-4pm

*2nd IM Kickball Game Thursday 11/12 @ Main Campus IM Fields 7:45pm

*Sloppy Joe Fundraiser Wednesday 11/18 in the Atrium 11-3pm

Hope to see you all there!

I have attached the agenda and powerpoint from Wednesday's meeting.

Thank you

Kristina De Armas
SME Secretary

2nd General Meeting

posted Oct 10, 2009, 1:12 PM by Shu Li


I would like to recap some information that was covered in the meeting yesterday:

*There is a new website for IIE-SME. We will be updating this website throughout the semester.

*T-shirt pre-order* Please contact Ryan to order
(members $10, non member $15 and after Thursday $15) The design is in the PowerPoint attached!

*Bake Sale October 14th- We need people to sit at the table anytime from 10-2pm. We also need more people to bake/ donate sweets. So please email be back if you are interested with the times you are available and/or what you will bring.

*Please get your local dues($10) to us as soon as possible!

*If you register nationally for both organizations ( and you will be reimbursed for 50% but this offer will only last a limited time!

*Our first Social will be at El Jalisco Nov. 4th 7pm! This will be a good time to socialize with fellow classmates!

Lastly, our next meeting with be Nov. 5th, Thursday @ 4:30pm B134!

We hope to see you all there!

Thank you

Kristina De Armas
SME Secretary

1st General Meeting

posted Oct 4, 2009, 1:31 PM by Shu Li

Hello everyone!

I am Massiel Abrego the secretary for IIE and I wanted to thank you all for attending to our first IIE/SME meeting, and for the ones that were not able to attend we hope to see you in the next meeting, we really want you guys to come out, participate, and have fun ! remember that IIE/SME is there to help you all so please take advantage of it!

We have two activities this week !
  On tuesday 09/15/09 morning we will have doughnuts for sale !!
       if you want to help out with fund raisers or get involve please email or we greatly appreciate all the help the help we can get:D and everyone is welcome!

  On Thursday 09/17/09 (4:14 pm Room B212) we are going to have a speaker from the career center to talk
  about Eng. Day and give us tips on our resumes

Also remember to send us your resume so that we can distributed to the different companies on the Eng. day!

  On Tuesday 09/22/09 we will have an info session from Northop Grouman the speaker is an FSU alumni !!
  they have great tips and info on IE careers, and on how we can enrich ours !

Our Next General Meeting is schedule for Wednesday 10/07/09 at 5:30
        For our next meeting we will have a Green Belt Six Sigma so you can come and here about what Six
        Sigma is and why it is so important for IEs!
        And we will have Wings !!

Attached is the power point presentation from our first meeting if you want more info about what is going on !

thank you very much for your time ! Hope to see you get an advantage of what IIE/SME has to offer !!
and remember that all comments and suggestions are welcome ! Get involved !

Best Wishes !
Massiel Abrego
Secretary of IIE
850 322 8407

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