House Rules

So that we don't have to continually duplicate efforts by updating both the website, and the downloadable copies of the House Rules, all of the House Rules have been moved into Googledocs. The links to each House Rule document is pasted on this page. Please contact the web admin if you have difficulty viewing any of the attached docs.

House Rules Related to Game Play

SMD Character Creation and Maintenance Rules

SMD House Rules and Clarifications

SMD Discipline and Rituals House Rules

SMD Influence House Rules

SMD Property House Rules (New as of 2/4/2018)

SMD Downtime Action Rules

Downtime Actions Form

SMD Crafting Rules

Advanced Discipline Teaching Log Form (Google Form)

Other Rules and Policies

SMD Rules & Policies for Staff

SMD Disciplinary Policies

Original/OLDĀ SMD Property House Rules