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The church is now open daily for private prayer as follows:

Weekdays and Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

Sundays, 12 noon to 4pm.

Public worship is now temporarily suspended at St Mary's with immediate effect.  
A request from East Sussex County Council for services to be suspended in East Sussex, coupled with the rapid spread of the  new strain of virus and the huge pressure on our hospitals, caused us to review our service pattern.  

The Sunday Parish Eucharist will now be at 10am on Zoom as will the 11am Tuesday service
Please contact the office if you would like an email  invitation. >> click here

We hope and pray this will be a short term measure, but the good news is that the church will continue to be open daily for private prayer from 10am to 4pm.   

Thank you for your patience and perseverance in the face of all these changes and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as this is possible.

Please go to our what's happening page to see our PDF documents 

Additional updates will be added to this website and can be found on our social media.

If it would help you to talk to someone please phone one of our clergy
- Revd Liz - 01273 452535 or Canon Ann - 01273 965303.

If you would like to receive the weekly newsletter and other news from St Mary's by e mail, please  email the parish office: smdh.office@gmail.com

Please go to our what's happing page to see our Newsletter, Magazine and  Christmas Services


St Mary de Haura is now a Heritage Site  Click Here for more News 

We have created a “You Tube”  Channel where there will be recordings of sermons for each Sunday going forward and a variety of services for you to join in with.  .


Please click here to visit the channel  to see all our Current weekly  and previous Services.  


We also have videos of daily Compline Services. To find out more go to the You Tube Channel or you can download a PDF of the service here

You can also find service details at the Church of England Website here

with getting groceries, picking up prescriptions  or you just need a friendly chat by phone, email or text

Telephone: 01273 440202 ( parish office)

Please contact us as at the above to tell us what you can do to help your neighbours.
We will add you to the list of volunteers and then put you in touch with someone who has requested help or a chat

Print out and complete the card which you can find here and pop it through your neighbour's door.
Here are a few suggestions which we hope will help:

Follow the advice on self-isolating from the Government and from the NHS

Pay attention to your own well-being, both physical and mental:

Get as much exercise as you can -
moving around the house, gardening, or the NHS simple exercise routines

Don't bottle up your worries - talk to someone or check the advice here
Use your computer to help pass the time: Here's a list of 7 things to do online if you're stuck at home and feeling bored 


 You are very warmly welcomed to St Mary’s, a Christian community at the heart of Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.  People come to St Mary de Haura for all sorts of reasons:
  • For quiet time in the presence of God and to pray and worship.

  • For services, activities and events, which you can find out about from our magazine and our website.

  • To enjoy the architecture and beauty of the building and to explore its history.

  • To re-visit the church where they were baptised or married, or perhaps sang in the choir or were a bell ringer.

  • To talk or just be with God when there is nowhere else to go.

It is a great privilege that so many people come here for so many reasons; from joyful occasions, to those times when we turn to God in despair, and those times when we are asking questions about faith. 

So whatever your reason for being here, welcome, and we hope to see you again.

The church is open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and our main Sunday Service is at 10.00 am. 

If you want to speak to someone please do phone.

Yours in Christ, 


To see our safe guarding policy please click here