Harriet Cole

Harriet first came to the Storytelling Institute in order to earn her Academic Certificate in Storytelling. One thing led to another and she also earned her Associates degree before going on to ASU for a BA in History. Her MA from Prescott College is in Humanities with a focus on Storytelling.

As a teller, Harriet is particularly interested in really big Norse stories. She has performed portions of the Volsunga Saga as part of the Storytelling Institute's Myth Informed series, in Prescott. She also told the story of Brynhildr as part of "Three Goddesses and a Guy" at the Phoenix Fringe Festival in the spring of 2010. Myth Informed was also featured during the Fall 201o Myth Informed at SMCC.

Check our Class Schedule for the classes Harriet will teach during the Fall 2011  Semester. (Harriet also teaches The Art of Storytelling at Mesa Community College)


Courses Harriet teaches:

HUM 260 Intercultural Perspectives
ENH 251 Mythology
STO 291AA Storytelling Circle
EDU 291 Children's Literature
EDU/HUM/STO 292 The Art of Storytelling