Institute Information


The South Mountain Community College Storytelling Institute is at the center of a community of storytellers who gather to tell and hear stories of all kinds. The Institute offers foundational and advanced classes in storytelling as well as a program that leads to an Academic Certificate in Storytelling. These classes are open to anyone interested in storytelling and most have no prerequisites. Members of the storytelling faculty, storytelling students, and community storytellers also offer a series of storytelling events throughout the year.

Listen to what SMCC student Regina Tellez had to say about her first experience with storytelling: "It (the Faculty Concert) opened me up to a whole new thing. I didn't think people told stories like the ones I heard. But everyone spoke with such a presence that it made you listen to what they were saying. I like the fact that storytellers can tell stories about anything they want. They can tell you a story about something in their life or tell you about a whole world that doesn't really exist and take you out of reality for a moment. As I listened to the stories, I could picture the people and the objects that were being talked about. I didn't notice it at first but when I went back and thought about the stories, I realized that I had actually created characters in my head. Storytelling is a great thing, it brings people together and helps you learn more about who they are. Everyone has a story to tell, but storytellers have a way of telling stories that make them unforgettable."