Oral Traditions Today:
Returning to the African Village

In 2006, Marilyn Omifunke Torres a traditional storyteller, graduate of our Certificate Storytelling program, and now newest residential faculty held a vision of producing an event for Black History Month that would highlight the beauty of African Oral Traditions Today.

During Black History Month in February 2011 this vision was realized in the Storytelling Institutes First Annual Black History Month production of, “Return to the African Village.” 

“Return to the African Village,” is an African storytelling, African traditional chants, music and dance collaboration with SMCC storytelling students, Arizona State University’s African Ensemble and Phoenix’s longest running dance company, Kawambe  Omowale African Drum and Dance Theater.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us every year as we transport the audience to diverse, regions and languages of ancient storytelling traditions on the continent of Africa. Look for our annual program schedule during the month of February.

“We honor the ancestor’s shoulders that we stand upon, Ibase!"

Our university and community partnerships:

Fall 2010 the 

ASU African American Drum Ensemble

 invited the Storytelling Institute to design and narrate the stage production for their annual student dance and music showcase performance with 

Kawambe Omowale African Drum and Dance Theater

Enjoy the photo essay and 

Listen to the ASU African Drum Ensemble.

Marilyn Omifunke Torres

Chief Olumeto Agbomola of Imota, Chief Iyasale Egungun of Imota, producer of “Oral Traditions Today: Return to the African Village”