Welcome from the MCR!

 Dear Postgraduate,

Welcome to St Mary’s College M.C.R.

What is the JCR/MCR?

The college community at Mary’s consists of three common rooms. As a postgraduate you are entitled to membership of two of them, the JCR and the MCR.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the entire student body, both undergrad and postgrad.

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is a smaller body consisting of just the postgraduates, fourth year undergrads and mature students. It is run by a President and a committee which will be elected at our AGM in early Michaelmas Term. We will put on social and academic events throughout the year, sometimes in conjunction with the JCR, SCR or other colleges. Please see the links to the left for further information!

Through the MCR you also get the opportunity to attend inter-collegiate MCR formals in other Colleges, and gain certain privileges for JCR events in Mary’s such as advanced sign up to events where normal JCR members would have to queue for tickets. We have a separate common room in the Williamson Building with an attached large MCR kitchen, and a new postgraduate kitchen is being added in the basement of the North East wing. Keys to these areas will be available from reception and can be signed out for the entire year. For members of the MCR who live out, there are also lockers in the basement, the keys to which you can sign out from reception and keep for the year.

Our Facebook page for this year will keep you updated with all the news St Mary's MCR 2013-14

Please use the navigation and links to find the information you require. We appreciate feedback on this website and so if you feel there is anything missing or that needs to be updated, please contact us here.

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