Webquests and web research tasks by Australian teachers and librarians for K-6 students



Use the stage links to go to the appropriate level. Each stage below lists the units included so far.



Celebrations , Families, Past & Present, Identifying Us, The Need for Shelter, Transport, The Way We Were and Wet & Dry Environments


Coming soon - more Celebrations! 


Australia, You're Standing In It!, British Colonisation, Cooperating Communities, Explorers, Living in Communities, People and their Beliefs, State & National Parks and Who Will Buy? 


 Coming soon - Places-Then, Now & Tomorrow!



 Antarctica, Democracy, Global Connections, Gold, Identities and Values, Rainforests, State & Federal Government, Study of a Cultural Group




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  What is a webquest?

First invented by Bernie Dodge, a webquest is a web based research  task where students collect information from a series of links organised by the webquest author. They originally were designed for group work, to foster co operation, but  can  also be completed by individuals.


The task should involve both analyzing and synthesizing the information found. That is, using the information to create a new product for a specific purpose. For example, locating and selecting information from sites containing information on the Australian goldrush, to write a journal outlining the experiences of a miner. A webquest may  also request students  to locate information to support or denounce a particular statement,  solve a mystery or answer a question.


Webquests differ from simply 'information gathering'where students may answer direct questions using information from a specific website or page. This type of activity is called a 'clickable worksheet'. 


For links that detail more on the benefits of webquests to students learning and their design, see the list below.

Bernie Dodge

Tom March

Best Webquests ( International)

Web n Flow


All webquests and tasks  have been compiled from Australian websites including the NSW Country Area Program site, EdNA, PTC,Midcoast site etc.


This page will be updated regularly. If you know a good webquest that is not listed, please  Suggest a webquest


If you find any of the webquests have broken links, please report them.