Stop Motion Animation
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Some of our Stage 3 students' stop motion animation films - click on each title to view:





 Teacher Tool Kit

Movie Maker Video Tutorials

Stop Motion Pro (download a trial version) Includes a gallery of short films.

Aardman Animation  (some good video clips and 'Shaun the Sheep' games)

Movie Maker Tutorial

Claymation Made Easy

Beginner Guides

The art of stop motion animation

Brickfilms (using Lego)

Lots of links!

Recent article - PC World (tips on using Movie Maker)

New approaches to literacy




'Shaun the Sheep', courtesy of Aardman Animation







Always been fascinated by 'Wallace and Gromit'?

Stop Motion Animation is a  media that harnesses some basic IT skills with  creative flair. Basically, it involves taking a photo of a scene you have created, moving the objects/characters a tiny bit - then taking a photo, moving them again, taking another photo etc. The photos are then uploaded onto a PC, then loaded onto a storyboard via editing software. Add a title, some credits, maybe some music or narration and that's it!  

It can be used with Lego , clay, plasticine or a quality moulding material called 'Sculpy' ( available from art suppliers). You can also use toys such as dolls - have a look at some of the student examples on the left!

Used with a digital camera and some basic editing software, you can make your own mini movies. If you use an XP PC, the editing software "Movie Maker" is included - this is what I have used and was able to upload photos and create a movie in under an hour! Creating the scene(s) takes all the time!!

If you have a Mac computer, you can create your movie using "iMovie", and I believe this comes already loaded on the most recent Macs. I have also just read about ' iStopMotion' software produced for Macs - great for kids.

Have a look at the links on the left...they are only a guide. I was originally inspired by an article in 'The Helix' magazine (CSIRO) late in 2006,  entitled " Make Your Own Movies". I think it's a fantastic avenue for kids and look forward to experimenting with our students.



 Have a look at this short 'Shaun' video!">





       iStopMotion is software produced by 'Boinx' for Mac 

       computers. Worth investigating if you are Mac based.                                 


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