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                  BOOK WEEK 2009 August 22 - 28





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Thanks to the collective ideas of:

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      Animal gifs courtesy of 'Heather's'


        • ALIA  suggestions using the theme
        • Book Week Blog COMMENT NOW!  PRIZE FOR THE BEST STUDENT COMMENT - Make sure school name included, but only first name of student and grade/year. New post every week. Accessible for students AND staff.
        • Check out TL Deirdre Ratcliffe's fantastic IWB BOOK WEEK  activities 
        • Author and Title Matching  IWB Activity using NOTEBOOK
        • Author & Title Keyword Tile Matching   IWB Activity using Notebook
        • Polar Boy Resources Link to Sandy Fussell's IWB resources 
        • Have a look at a list of activities I have developed which incorporate both thinking skills and quality teaching BookSafariIdeas.doc . Also a few online and web 2.0 ideas!
        • Visual Ranking Tool From Intel. Use with students to rank shortlisted titles according to set criteria which students create.
        • Jigsaw Puzzles Page 1    Page 2  (great for an IWB!)
        • Usesurvey monkey  to design a survey to collect student responses to various categories within the shortlist. Free for surveys of 100 respondents. Easy to use and host on school intranet.
        • Use glogster to make an online poster featuring one or several of the shortlisted titles. Free for educators. If using book covers ensure permission is obtained. Great for group work. (Currently stil blocked for DET school students for individual use, but staff able to use)
        • Check out Irene B.'s Book Week page under links on the left. Great activities for the IWB
        • LINK to  free safari resources on the UK's SPARKLEBOX site.
        • LINK to free jungle resources - also from the above site.


        • Paw print bookmarks
        • Leopard print bookmarks
        • Make a jungle terrarium using play dough and toys
        • Savannah diorama
        • Different country Safari - each class focus on a different country and select a traditional story from that country.
        • Baby animals match with parent
        • Lunchtime video screenings - Lion King, Jungle Book, Madagascar 
        • Have badges made up for staff to wear during Book Week which name their favourite book character. Students have to correctly name the book from which the character is from. Inspired by an idea of Ruth Buchanan  Skerricks


        Teaching Notes

                            Captain Congo and the Crocodile King by Ruth Starke , illustrated by Greg

                            Holfeld, Working Title Press

        Display Ideas

        • Collect  and display picture books, novels featuring the animals you may see on a safari. Include artwork by students featuring a variety of animals.
        • Feature non fiction material on the savannah, animals
        • Cut out paw prints of a lion or elephant etc and have them on the library floor leading to the display
        • Dress up corner - safari suits, pith helmets, boots, binoculars. Take photos and display in library.
        • Jungle display, using CD with jungle animal noises in the background
        • Display of student created animal masks
        • Collage jungle, including animals
        • Hang neting from ceiling and suspend streamers (vines) attach cardboard monkeys etc.
        • Safari landscape with students to add animals
        • Students bring in their jungle soft toys (ensure names are on each!)


                   Tom Tom by Rosemary Sullivan, illustrated by Dee Huxley, Working Title Press