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Counselling Service

What is Counselling?

Counselling helps you look at difficulties and problems that you may be experiencing whilst at University.

Sharing thoughts and feelings in the context of a therapeutic relationship will help you feel less isolated, and will enable you to understand more clearly what is happening now, and how you would like things to change.

Talking about experiences in a neutral and confidential environment will help you to work through concerns so that your University studies may be completed successfully.

Counselling sessions are normally arranged on a weekly basis, and each lasts 50 minutes. If you would prefer 30 minutes, that can also be arranged.

Students come for Counselling with a broad range of difficulties, for example: exam anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, Mental Health problems, past traumas, bereavements, issues concerning relationships, sexuality, family problems, self-harm and eating disorders.

Whatever it is, you will be very welcome

What will my Counsellor do?

Your Counsellor will offer you an uninterrupted 50 minutes, or half-hour if you prefer, where you will be carefully listened to and encouraged to freely and openly share as much about your situation as you wish.

Your Counsellor will help you deal with your concerns and support you through the Counselling process. Your Counsellor will respect and encourage your right to make your own decisions.

Will Counselling help me?

Counselling is for anyone who feels they need to work on the kinds of difficulties discussed above and who would value the support of a Counsellor in doing this.

Counsellors acknowledge your right to choose your focus for the Counselling session and believe that, with respectful support, you can find the best solution to your difficulties.

You are very welcome to make one appointment initially, and to discuss with one of us whether you would find Counselling suitable for you.   

What is this Service for?

The University Counselling Service is here to offer Counselling to students, both undergraduates and postgraduates, and we are open all year. The Counselling Service can also help those students who are suffering from depression or other Mental Health problems.

The Service will help students feel better about their lives both inside and outside the University.

Personal worries can have a direct effect upon study and academic work. We will help you to work through these concerns so that you can complete your University studies. 

We can also help by liasing with your College and/or Departments, GP., or Community Mental Health Team. We can write letters to explain your situation, if you request this.

The Counselling Service can additionally provide an opportunity for people experiencing shared concerns to work together as a group. Some people find the support of others in the same situation very helpful.

Where is it?


The University Counselling Service is situated in Elvet Riverside 1. Reception is on the top floor, in Room A70. The Service is in a quiet part of the building to provide a relaxed atmosphere. If you have any difficulty finding us, please ring us for directions on
0191 334  2200 (internal: 42200)


This part of the Counselling Service is situated in the Holliday Building amongst other Student Services.  Reception is in Room AS5.  As in Durham, the Service is in a quiet part of the building. If you have any difficulty finding us, please ring us for directions on 0191 33 40090 (internal: 40090)


Who are the Counselling Service Staff?

The Director runs an enthusiastic team of 11 Counsellors. There are two full time Senior Counsellors, and 8 Part time Counsellors, male and female.

We have over 100 years of Counselling experience between us.

Each Campus has a Secretary who will make an appointment for you, and will do their best to fit this in with your academic timetable.