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Team Durham

Fancy playing sport for uni?

There are over 45 different sports available to play at university level.

Most university clubs train a few times a week, with teams playing matches on Wednesday afternoons as well as at the weekend.

To play sport at university level requires not only a high level of skill but also real commitment and may take up a lot of your time.

Sport is a great way to meet new people and playing for the university allows you to meet people from other colleges. Furthermore, there are some university level sports that are not yet available to play at college level, so playing for the university allows you to take up a sport you might not have tried before such as volleyball, clay pigeon shooting or ultimate frisbee. If you do take to one of these sports you can always set up a college team to introduce it to Mary's!
Whilst most sports do not allow for university players to play at college level, there are some exceptions, such as the floodlit rugby matches, or the hockey trophy matches.
Many of our university level sports players help out with college teams, coach training sessions and are willing to offer advice to college sports captains.

In 2011/12, Durham was ranked 2nd out of 152 H.E. Institutions in the British University Sport rankings and continuous development suggests that we are likely to retain a top position during the next few years.

Sport at Durham University is focused around the three core strands of performance and leadership, participation and community sport development. If you want to continue to pursue sport at a high level, then there are few better places to do that than Durham. 90% of our students take part in sport on a regular basis in a programme that is both innovative and constantly changing.

You can access the Team Durham page for more information about the sports available via this link
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