Classroom Information

Behavior Management System

I will be a safe, respectful, responsible learner


Classroom Rules:


  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.  (safe) 
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  (respect)
  3. Follow directions the first time given.  (responsible)
  4. Follow classroom and school procedures.


Bark Bones


          I will be using Bark Bones in my classroom this year.  Each student has a chance to earn Bark Bones each day. 

          Students may receive bark bones for:
  • having their planner filled out and signed
  • completed homework
  • a positive attitude
  •  setting a good example for others
        Bark Bones are also rewards that are school-wide.  They are also given out by other classroom teachers, faculty, and staff when "caught" doing the right thing.  They are tallied by the classroom teacher for class-wide rewards, as well as put into a drawing for individual prizes.
Student of the Month
         Students who show good character and follow classroom/school rules and procedures have an opportunity to be student of the month.  Students will be recognized at our First Friday assembly and be allowed certain privileges.  Students can earn student of the month more than once. 


 West County Student Planner


          Students are responsible for taking their assigned planner back and forth between home and school.  The planner will be used to communicate assignments, homework, and tests. 
            Students will complete the planner daily and any homework or important papers will be transported in a red daily folder.  The planner will need to be signed daily.  This lets me know that parents are seeing the planner daily.
             This routine will teach your child responsibility and will enable us to communicate efficiently about your child’s progress in school.
          Be on the lookout for our newsletter, which will go home on the first day of the week.

Reading- Students will be expected to read nightly .  They may read what ever they choose, unless I specifically send a book home with them.  I also encourage your child to participate in at-home reading programs.   Students can  earn pizza, pasta, and Six Flags tickets just by doing their reading!  More info to come!

Math- Your child will have math homework on some nights.  This is a review that should take only 10-30 minutes to complete.  Please let me know right away if your child struggles with this.

Spelling- Your child will receive spelling words Monday, and the assessment will be given Friday.  You will want to review the week’s words with your child.
                Please keep in mind that students who do not complete their homework will be expected to complete it during noon detention.  This is a building-wide policy.
Classroom Parties
            We have three scheduled school-wide parties:  Fall Festival, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.  We will have a few classroom activities throughout the year also.  Parents are invited to send in items for the parties, but parents do not attend the class parties in fourth or fifth grade.
Special Class Schedule
Monday:  PE
Tuesday:  Music
Wednesday:  Library
Thursday:  Art
Friday:  PE (1st and 2nd quarters)
                Art (3rd quarter)
                Music (4th quarter)


 Book Orders:  Optional book orders will be sent home periodically.  I order from Scholastic, so checks should be made out to Scholastic.  No cash will be accepted.  Each order helps our class earn points that turn into free books for our classroom!


Drop-Off/Pick-Up:  If your child isn’t riding the bus, please drop your child off at the parent drop-off point on the north end of the building.  A duty teacher will be there to make sure your child makes it safely into the building.  If you need to help your child in with something to big for them to carry, Please park in the visitor’s parking lot (not the drop-off lane) and bring your child to the office.  You will need to obtain a visitor’s pass before going to the classroom.  If your child is arriving late, they will need to check into the office before going to the classroom. 


When picking your child up, please wait in the parent pick-up area outside the office, or you may pick your child up at the flagpole in the 4th grade building parking lot. Students will be sent out at 2:50.  If someone else is picking your child up, please call the office or send a note giving approval.


Absences:  If you know ahead of time that your child will be tardy or absent, please let me know.  When your child is not at school,  work will be sent home the next day your child returns.  It will be his/her responsibility to return it to me when it's completed.  It’s also important that your child be to school on time.  Tardy students miss crucial morning directions and it can disrupt class.

Hot Lunch:  Lunches may be purchased in bulk.  Simply send check or cash in a lunch envelope.  You may turn the money into the office or send it in your child and I will turn it in.  You can check your balance on the school’s website or call the office.  I don’t keep that information.

Potpourri of Information:

  • Your child will be outside for recess as often as possible.  Remember to dress them appropriate for the weather.  If your child cannot go outside for some reason, please send a note.
  • Your child will have PE on Monday and Friday.  Please make sure your child is wearing or bringing tennis shoes on those days.
  • Label all jackets, sweaters, backpacks, and lunchboxes.
  • Personal toys and sports equipment are not allowed at school or on the playground.  They will be taken away and sent home.  
  • Check frequently with your child about school supplies.  It’s amazing how quickly supplies get used up or disappear!
  • Please update me on changes in addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Contact Information:  If you have any questions or concerns, please call and leave a message on my voicemail.  I will return your call as soon as possible.  You may also email me at