Debate Events
Policy/Cross-Examination Debate/Team Debate:  Whatever you call it, I call it policy debate.  This form of debate is held in the fall semester in Kansas.  It consists of two partnered teams who debate a policy of the United States Federal Government.  This year's topic is,  RESOLVED:  That the United States Federal Government should substantially increase its exploration and/or development of space beyond the earth's mesosphere.  Students will debate both the affirmative and negative sides of this debate topic.  Policy debate has typically two to three divisions:  open-experienced debaters, novice-first year student debaters, and junior varsity-first and second year debaters.  Tournaments are held on Friday and Saturday, with some tournaments being two day tournaments while others are single day tournaments held on Saturdays.
Lincoln-Douglas Debate:  Lincoln-Doulgas debate is modeled after the historic debates of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.  This form of debate is held in the spring semester in Kansas.  LD is single person morality debate.  It requires students to use philosophy and current events to come up with plans to support their values.  Topics change monthly, and Lincoln Douglas is held on Friday evenings.
Public Forum Debate: PFD as it is better known is also a form of partner debate, however the topics are not based upon polices, but public opinion.  PFD is based off the popular CNN television show Crossfire, and used to be called Ted Turner Debate.  The speakers flip a coin to determine sides, Pro and Con.  This form of debate is also held in the spring on friday nights.
Student Congress/Congressional Debate:    If you really want to think like a politician, this event is for you or if you just have opinions on topics facing our world (and who doesn't).  Students Congress allows students to debate key legislation facing the United States today.  Most of the legislation is student written, so the students in congress get a hand in creating their own legislation.  Students may compete in House or Senate, and there is also a novice house division for first year students.  Congress is held on friday nights in the spring semester.

Interpretation/Acting Events--Spring Only
Prose/Poetry:  Prose and Poetry are sanctioned by KSHSAA, are a combined event for NCFL, and are supplemental NFL events. The rules change only slightly between each organization mostly dealing with time limits. They are non memorized events and use limited movement. They may be comprised of a single work or a compilation of works about a topic or by an author. 
HI/DI or SSA/HSA and Dramatic Interp: The solo acting events change their name based upon what organization you are competing in. Humorous Interp/Humorous Solo Acting are a ten minute piece meant to be funny; whereas, DI/ Serious Solo Acting are sad. In NCFL, these events are combined into the single event of Dramatic Interp which is also ten minutes. 
DUO Interp. or Duet Acting: In DUO Interp there are two participants who can neither touch or make direct eye contact nor may they use any props. Duet acting allows for the use of two chairs and a table. Both are ten minutes in length. New this year, students may not stand on tables.
Improvised Duet Acting: IDA is a 1-4A state event. In this event, two students draw topics to create a improved scene in thirty minutes. The IDA must last at least four minutes but no longer than seven.   New this year, students may not stand on tables.

Speaking Events--Spring Only
Original Oration: Student written persuasive speech lasting ten minutes. Topics can be anything as long as they are not too controversial. If you have an issue you are passionate about that people are unaware of, this is the event for you. 
United States Extemp/International Extemp: Students make improved speeches based on a drawn topic with thirty minutes to prepare. Topics range from healthcare to international coups. Students should prepare by reading periodicals and newspapers and by watching news programs and comedy shows. Extemp should not be a dry event. The best extempers integrate humor with facts. 
Informative Speaking: It is what it sounds like. It's a speech that informs. Students get seven minutes to make their point. Topics can be on anything. Ever wonder where toilet paper comes from? How about twinkies? Or anything else.  
Oratorial Declamation: This an NCFL event for freshmen and sophomores only. In this speech, students have ten minutes to reinterpret a previously given speech. Speeches should have merit that influences the world today they can be former original orations as long as they are not written by you.