~ a coming of age story, Texas style ~

                    By Sharon McAnear

Book One in the Jemma Series


"The only thing worse than bein' in love is bein' plumb out of it."Click here to find out about BOOK ONE.

                     Sharon McAnear

Never been to the Texas Panhandle?  Well, then...     

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"Lynton Goat"

"Rainbow Lake"

"Sunrise Farm"

"Dori's Cat"

"Gypsy Caravan"

(below) "Through the Aspen"

Original art by

Daniel Tate* 

Book One   Jump on the shiny Zephyr passenger train in 1965, and begin your journey back to Chillaton, Texas!  Come on, you'll like Willa's cobbler.   CORNER OF BLUE

Book Two  Faith and God's Great Plan come hammering down on Jemmabeth. Will she walk the tracks forever?  IN MY BONES

Book Three  It's a taste of married life in the '60s - bad casseroles and all.  TASTE OF GOLD

Book Four  See for yourself how good intentions can get out of hand, even if you are Prince Charming.  DUST OF ORION                       

BOOK FIVE, BLESS THE MOON, lets you in on the fun when odd porch company and nearly everything else is blamed on an errant tornado warning blast in the dead of winter.   


 In My Bones                          Dust of Orion

Taste of Gold


Order Bless the Moon!

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*"Hilltop Tree"   "Rockies Sunset"  "Window to the Desert"*