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Saitama Masjid ‎(2012 July)‎

Saitama Masjid ‎(2011 August)‎

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Japan Post Bank  [ ゆうちょ銀行 ]: 
Account Name: さいたま モスリム カルチャル アソシエーション (Saitama Muslim Cultural Association)
Account Number: 10330-61191391
Branch Name: Post Bank HeadOffice 日本郵政株式会社
Branch Address: 3-2, Kasumigaseki 1-chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8798, Japan. 〒100-8798東京都千代田区霞が関 1丁目 3-2 (Map Link)
Japan Post Bank BIC (SWIFT Code) JPPSJPJ1; Japan Post Bank CHIPS UID 427593
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Name & Address

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Name: Saitama Masjid , Saitama Mosque
Other Name 1: Saitama Muslim Cultural Association Masjid
Other Name 2: SMCA Masjid / SMCA Mosque
Other Name 3: Saitama Masjid / Saitama Mosque
Other Name 4: Sakura-Ku Masjid / Sakura-ku Mosque
Other Name 5: Minami Yono Station Masjid / Minami Yono Station Mosque
Other Name 6: Saitama University Muslim Students Association Masjid
Name in Japanese: 埼玉 モスク, 埼玉 マスジド, さいたま  モスク,   さいたま  マスジド, 埼玉 モスク, 埼玉 マスジド, さいたま モスク, さいたま マスジド, さいたま市 モスク, さいたま市 マスジド, 桜区 モスク,  桜区 マスジド, 南与野駅 モスク, 南与野駅 マスジド, みなみよのえき モスク, みなみよのえき マスジド

Established: 2011 August.

Registered under: SMCA-Ippan-Shadan-Houjin.

English Address: Japan 338-0826, Saitama-Prefecture, Saitama-City, Sakura-Ward, Okubo-Ryoke, 560-8.
Japanese Address: 日本 〒338-0826 埼玉県 さいたま市桜区 大久保領家 560-8.

Map & Access

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In the following map, the school bag symbol denotes the Saitama University main gate/bus stop. The blue icon is the Saitama Masjid. The line shows the way to Saitama Masjid by walk.

Saitama Masjid

Enlarge Map

Saitama Masjid from Shiki Station


--------- Public transport ---------
Access from East side
By public transport: Narita Airport -> Keiseidentetsu (Sky Liner) 51min. ¥1,920: JR Nippori Sta. (Transfer) -> JR Keihin-Tohoku Line 33min. ¥380: JR Kita-urawa Sta. (Transfer) ::--:: [or Come to train station - Minami Yono (Saikyo line) or Kita Urawa (Kehin-Tohoku line) by anyway]. Take the west exit in both stations. Then take bus - name - Kokusaikougyou,Seibu. Bus Number is 03; starts from Kita-Urawa station platform 7, it touches the Minami-Yono station. Then it comes to Saitama University (last stop of both buses). The bus takes 15 minutes (¥190) from Kita-Urawa station & 10 minutes Minami-Yono station(¥170). Saitama University is to the west of both train stations. From Saitama university bus stop (main gate), go to Saitama Masjid according to map. 5 minutes walk from the bus stop/main gate. Saitama Masjid is to the north of Saitama university.
By car: Please park your car in the Saitama university student dormitory parking area for free. Check map. It is to the west of Saitama university. Then, go to Saitama Masjid on foot according to map.

Access from West side
Come to Shiki station (Tobu-Toju line); get out by east exit. Then take bus - number 03-3. This bus's last terminal is Minami-Yono station. Saitama university is inbetween. You can clearly see the Saitama university main entrance when the bus enters into it. getting down from bus at the main gate bus stop, go to Saitama Masjid on foot.

Saitama Masjid 
Lattitude: 35.867987
Longitude: 139.608184

Nearby train station: Minami-Yono (JR) [Saikyo-Line] 南与野駅 (みなみよのえき)[埼京線(さいきょうせん)]
Nearby Super Market:
Uoetsu, Address: Japan, Saitama-Prefecture, Saitama-City, Sakura-Ward, Oaza kami okubo sakuta 982-1. 
マルエツ 浦和大久保店, 日本 〒338-0824 埼玉県さいたま市 桜区大字上大久保作田982-1, Telephone: 

--------- Private transport ---------
By Car
Please put the phone number of nearby Uoetsu super Market in your car navigation system. Or put the address of Saitama Masjid in your car navigation system.
If you are coming by highway from Tokyo direction to Saitama Masjid, then take the Higashi-Toda exit of the Gaokan Highway. Then get to the 17 no. road approach to the north (Omiya) direction. Come to the crossing point of 17 no road and the 463 no road. Then take the 463 no road to the west (Tokorozawa) direction. The Saitama University is on the 463 no road. After reaching the Saitama University front gate, go to the Saitama Masjid as shown in the Map. 
If you are coming by the highway from the Omiya direction, then take the Omiya exit of Highway.Then take the 17 no road.Then take the 463 no. road.

Access detail to Saitama university can be found in this link of Saitama university.

Qibla direction

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The qibla direction is just parallel to the building walls. That is, the qibla direction is 90 degree with the wall of north-west side of the building. Alhamdulillah, it is a great benefit for the Saitama Masjid so that the space can be used efficiently & nicely for Salat Jamat. The rows of Salat Jamat are arranged parallel to the north-west side wall of the building to face exactly to the qibla.


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There are many regular and occasional activites in Saitama Masjid. Daily 5 times prayers are in the Saitama Masjid by following a yearly fixed Jamat schedule. We pray the Juhor, Asr & Magrib Jamat on the working days (Monday ~ Friday) at rooftop, the top of the stairway (equivalent to 6th floor) of the Mechanical Engineering Building (Building no. 21 of Saitama University; Map) according to this Jamat schedule. Please visit the Regular Activities page for detail of ongoing activities. The announcement page is a great source to know about events to be held. Briefing about commemorated events are normally outlined in the previous activity page. Please visit About us page to contact us, to join email group and to get information about objectives, organization, homepage development, history and services. The old Musolla is terminated after establishing this new Saitama Masjid. Checking the Saitama Masjid Project page and Masjid achievement announcement will be very helpful.

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