Paper Submission - OPEN

Papers submitted to the paper review process must be prepared using an IEEE SMC 2011 paper formatting template.  An archive containing a Microsoft Word template and LaTeX template (with associated class/style files) is available for download via the link at the bottom of the page. All authors should consult the Microsoft Word template for important paper preparation instructions and conventions (note that they are not specified in the LaTeX template files).

Page Limit: The nominal page limit is 6 inclusive of figures and tables. The minimum number of pages is 5 and the maximum allowable number of pages is 8 (Note: For accepted papers, an extra page charge will be incurred for any 7th or 8th page).

Language: The official language for the conference is English. Less than satisfactory English usage may form the sole basis for rejection of a paper.  Authors whose native language is not English are encouraged to check their papers for proper English spelling and grammar using tools such as English grammar checkers available with most word processing application software.

Alternatively, proofreading support from a native English-speaking colleague or technical editor may suffice. Some authors may be interested in the paid service available at the following link:

Electronic Paper Submission Instructions

 Please read prior to attempting electronic submission of papers.

Papers must be submitted as PDF files by following the steps below. 

1.      Go to the IEEE SMC 2011 paper submission site by clicking on the following hyperlink:

2.      Links for the following three principal tracks for the conference and for special sessions will be listed at the paper submission site.   Follow the link there that is most appropriate for the paper (see the Call for Papers page for guidance on selecting the most appropriate track or the Special Sessions page for a list of open special sessions). Note: A single paper should be submitted exclusively to only one track or special session.

SMC 2011 Systems Science and Engineering

SMC 2011 Human-Machine Systems

SMC 2011 Cybernetics

SMC 2011 Special Sessions

3.      After selecting one of the three principal tracks and following its link, you will be directed to the main menu screen for the selected track.  Next, follow the link to “Make a Submission” in the Authors menu.

4.      Complete the Submission Form as instructed there.

a.      The Submission form includes an entry field for a unique password that will allow access to make future changes to the submission.

b.      Student Authors: Please note and appropriately respond to the “Student?” query near the top of the Submission Form

5.      When the Submission Form is complete, check your entries and click on the “Make Submission” button.

6.      The next screen will display the unique Submission ID number, the data entered on the Submission Form, and a hyperlink to follow for uploading the paper as a PDF file: “>>> Proceed to upload file”.

7.      Use the interface on the subsequent screen to select the PDF file from your hard drive, and click on the “Upload File” button

8.      When the paper upload is successfully completed an e-mail confirming successful upload of the paper will be sent to the e-mail address entered on the Submission Form.

9.      You may then optionally return to the main menu for the track by following the “OpenConf Home” link in the upper left of the screen.

We encourage you to check this page periodically for updates and instructions for how to submit your paper(s) electronically for the paper review process.

Christopher Lee,
Jan 6, 2011, 9:25 PM