Post-doctoral Program in Biophysics

Biophysics is a discipline that develops an understanding of living systems through the application of physics and physical chemistry, seeking quantitative information about biological processes at the molecular, cellular and systems levels. As biochemistry emphasizes the description of the chemical constituents and reactions of living things, biophysics focuses on the description of their physical properties, structures and interrelationships. Our research program at the Centre de Biochimie Structurale is at the interface of physics, biology and chemistry and addresses key biological topics.

Our program offers unique reseach opportunities to highly talented european or international individuals to engage in ongoing single-molecule biophysics projects at the CBS. Our fellowships typically last two to four years and offer the possibility to perform cutting-edge research in an inspired, purposeful, and resource-rich environment. During your fellowship, you will find yourself collaborating with world-class scientists both at the CBS and in other institutes with whom we have tight collaborations, such as the Institute of Human Genetics (CNRS, Montpellier), the Laboratory of Eukaryotic Molecular Biology (CNRS, Toulouse), and the Centre of Molecular Biophysics (CNRS, Orleans).

The Centre de Biochimie Structurale is a major research center of the French CNRS and INSERM research agencies and is affiliated with the University of Montpellier South of France (I and II). The CBS is dedicated to research at the forefront of biophysics and structural biology as a means to revealing the fundamental physical mechanisms underlying biological activity and its regulation. We have an excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities in biophysics, biochemistry, advanced fluorescence microscopies, nuclear magnetic resonance, x-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, bioinformatics, and cell biology. Montpellier is a major biology area with a focus on basic research, biomedicine, plant biology and environmental science. Its science drive, the beauty of the region and its high quality of life, and the short commute to other major regional research areas (Barcelona, Paris, Toulouse, Marseille) make it an ideal destination for scientists from all over the world.

Biophysique de la molecule unique a Montpellier.

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