Sunday Morning Breakfast Club

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 Meet on 122.75 every Sunday at 7:45 AM

The Sunday Morning Breakfast Club (SMBC) is a group of Chicagoland pilots who enjoy weekly flights to a specific destination for breakfast.  With members based in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana, the group has over fifty pilots who participate. 
Whether it's an EAA Pancake Breakfast or a breakfast at an airport restaurant, SMBCers are in the air on Sunday mornings (weather permitting), eager to enjoy each others' comaraderie, both in the air and on the ground. 
Why not join us on our next "adventure"?  We'll be listening for you Sunday morning on 122.75!
To contact Steve, the Webmaster, email him at:   SMBCflyers@aol.com
 All SMBC Fly-out destinations are offered as suggestions only.
Pilots are solely responsible for their own flight planning and decision making, which includes aircraft capabilities, weather minimums, FAA  regulations and airspace compliance (including all special use airspace, TFR’s, etc) and overall safety of the flight.
 Pilots are also responsible for all logistical items, i.e.  financial use/loss of use of aircraft, consumables, repairs, rentals, lodging, meals, etc.

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