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I make video games. Not very many, but there you are. It's an unfortunate habit of mine. Anyway. Here are a few of the games I've done in the last couple of years...

NOTE: Googlepages likes to randomly cut downloads off. Please use a download manager if you have trouble, ta!


Veck v1.2

It seems that everybody needs their version of Geometry Wars these days, so here's mine!



A remake of the first game I ever made, which was a DOS remake of an Amiga game called Flag Catcher. Great fun. Find the Flag. Don't get Bombed. It's an EXE installer, sorry, but all it does is stick an icon on your desktop, no mucking about with the start menu etc.



 Now this one is a bit of a joke, but it's still playable. Pick your level (number of colours), the speed (which is fairly self-explanatory) and the difficulty (minimum number of like-coloured blocks to remove). Just click on a group of blocks that are the same colour to get rid of them. The more points in the group, the more blocks you'll get... uh... Huzzah!



The poorly-written bug-infested remake that took both 1st Prize and Best Sound Effects in Retro Remakes's 2003 Competition (I'm still not entirely sure how). Download and laugh! And by the way, FastTrak, I'm still waiting for my copy of Music Studio 2003... :/ It's only been, like, 30 months, I'm sure it'll arrive any day now.


It's a GBA version of ZooKeeper, but with diamonds and such. See if you can get past Level 20 of the Time Trial. I sure can't.