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 28 / 05 / 2006 / Wow, it's been a while 

I've got a new game for you to play and hopefully enjoy...

 22 / 04 / 2006 / I used to have a Commodore 64. Did you? 

If you did, take a look at my crazy new project I've been working on. I got started on this when I mocked up a rotary display with an SD card socket for animations for my bike. It has nothing to do with rotary displays, however. It's much more exciting!

 11 / 04 / 2006 / I like to ride my bicycle? Apparently 

So what I did was saw this and decided that I could one-up it. So what I did was design one with an SD slot for storing really huge anims, and 3 shades of brightness (plus off) per LED. It sucks how I always have to go one better. Such is life. Pictures coming!

 09 / 04 / 2006 / I don't like seafood 

So. After plentiful playing around with my Jazz (which looks a lot like a Samsung YP-T7 without the expensive screen and joystick) I came to realise that a good music manager was required. Something that talks to iTunes because lots of people like it / are forced to use it because they decided to be a sheep and buy an iPod. So I started working on a quick-as-a-non-slow-thing manager for all users of Flash-type players (or indeed HD-typies too) that provide a drive letter for access. It'll be less than a meg for download, won't stick a billion files in all sorts of pies, and won't assume you want to use it to play all your music. I'll let you know when it's finished.

In related news, there was an article here that claims Bush's image could be eroded by this leaky stuff. Now, when a mountain has been eroded down to a plain, how do you erode any further? Could Bush become the first president in U.S. history to drop below 0% approval? This should make good television. I wonder when he'll be indicted by the Hague, bwahaha. I'd compare him to Ghengis Khan, but that's just being spiteful and nasty to Khan. Besides, Georgie don't get out and do his own fighting, does he?

 07 / 04 / 2006 / That's fairly contemptible 

Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton may have an embarassing past. Here's an unrelated graph.

If you have any issues with this statement, take note of this SPCA representative criticizing a Judge's sentencing remarks. Yes, criticising a Judge. That's contempt of court. Now, no action will be taken against the New Zealand SPCA, and rightly so. So, if you are a police officer, detective, lawyer, judge or Solicitor General, and are thinking of prosecuting me for contempt for relating a statement which has been told to me, or even making Google remove my pages, be prepared for a thorough legal scrap. I like a challenge. Bring bandages.

Incidentally, I personally think that the little shit* mentioned in the Budgiegate article should be made to clean out budgie cages, eight hours a day for a year. With his tongue.

Talking of police E&OE's, new NZ Police Commisioner Howard Broad was quoted as saying the following:
(there were) "some things from our past that we need to own and then move on"
No, No, NO. The correct term is pwn, with pwnt as the past tense (although pwnd, pwned and even the rare McOwn3d remain in use, even to this day). Incorrect terminology kills, FOOL.

* New Zealand is only allegedly subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the state of Washington

 06 / 04 / 2006 / Teamwork just got a little less plural 

Who says there's no 'I' in 'Team'?

 05 / 04 / 2006 / Sheet music, tablature, and 

Whilst cruizin' ye olde webbe I spotted this rather brilliant new method of writing music:

Things I ain't afraid of:
  • no ghost

Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
  • seeing things running through head
  • invisible man sleeping in bed

Things that make me feel good:
  • bustin'

Who you gonna call:
  • Ghostbusters
  • I can't hear you
  • Louder

BRILLIANT. Go on, check out the rest of them - all 35 pages :s

 04 / 04 / 2006 / I really didn't want this to happen, but... 

Seriously. I like Apple. I had an Apple ][, I made a Macquarium (which leaked), how could I NOT like them? However, a comment on a Mac-esque page just grabbed my attention:
we own Macs, we run Panther, and we know how much better Apple's computers are
AHEM. Okay, we'll just replace the first readily-available consumer-grade windowing OS with a version of Linux, as Windows is so much nicer to use now... and we'll replace our hardware with off-the-shelf PC hardware, as PowerPC development can't keep up with our PR department any more... Yep, Apple's computers sure are better. That's like saying that the ice at the South Pole is better than the ice at the North Pole, for the (obviously) unstated reason that Southern Polar ice is more costly.

I  really didn't want this page to turn into an anti-Apple rant, which disturbs me, but I mean, come on, Apple saying that Intel chips are now doing more in a Mac than in a PC? I did chuckle at the TV ads, where the boring little things being done by boring little Intel chips in PCs (like web surfing, playing games or emulating a Macintosh, I assume) can now be done by a Mac, and just as boringly.

As a bog-standard PC can run much, MUCH more software than a bog-standard Apple (it stands to reason - do the maths before you hatemail plskthx), that is another reason why, if I ever become a bajillionaire, I'm going to seriously consider the hiring of Apple's marketing people for the, um, "Human Resources" section of my Legion Of Despair. Yeah. I'll call it "Human Resources". They'll never suspect a thing.

(raises wrist)

 04 / 04 / 2006 / iPod, uPod, we all Pod for iPod... Except me. iDon't. 

I picked up a teeny tiny MP3 player yesterday. It weighs less than an ounce, and it has 2GB of flash. It also cost far less than the closest equivalent iPod Shuffle... Oh baby.

*** ATTENTION ALL APPLE FANS *** Look away now, to avoid bursting into tears ***

What in bloody hell is wrong with Apple fans? I mean, the company itself has the best propaganda marketing department since 1945, sure, but it can't be ALL that. I see an ad for a Shuffle. I hear how it's the greatest thing since the last thing Apple did. I see how it's got no screen, which somehow is a good thing, according to the snazzy voice. Oh, it's got a randomise function! Like, you know, every other MP3 player! Wow, I'll take ten please. Do you accept first-born sons?

So the Shuffle has NO SCREEN, NO EQUALISER, ONLY ONE REPEAT MODE, AND PISS-POOR BATTERY LIFE (My mother has the 1 gigalump one. It doesn't last for an eight-hour shift. It's going to get worse, too, as the battery can't be replaced without destroying the Shuffle's USB plug). What a list of features! Oh, it also currently costs NZ$178.00 for the 1GB version. I paid NZ$157.00 for my Jazz with a 2GB SD card (admittedly, the Jazz has awful headphones, so I cheated and used my nice short PSP ones. So what? $10 will get you a set as good as a Shuffle's). Thirty-one buck less. Twice the capacity. Hmm. Maybe if I cover up the screen, buttons and Legend logo with one of these, my iPodding friends will speak to me again.

I made a very nice alkaline charger, so I should get about a hundred full uses out of an Energizer AAA. It runs all day. THAT'S 12 HOURS. To top it all off, I can throw the mem card in the ol' digital camera and take thousands of shots with it. Or buy lots more mem cards once the prices plummet again.

Of course, I had to get a $1 cellphone lanyard* from the local cheapo store so I could sling it round my neck and walk about the mall. As of right now, nobody's asked me if it's the new iPod. But we'll see.

UPDATE: I've got it. It's so simple. Creative, iRiver, Sony and all the rest need to strip features and flexibility off their MP3 players and start selling them MORE EXPENSIVELY than iPods. I mean, it works for Apple now, right?

* apparently this is a nerdy way to say "string"

 28 / 03 / 2006 / Nosmo King 

Well, it finally happened. I stopped smoking. For real. No really!! I'll keep you posted.

Also some games that I made are online. Check them out.