Welcome to the 1st International Workshop on Social Media Analytics for Smart Cities (SMASC 2017) 
In conjunction with the  International Conference on Knowledge Management (CIKM 2017), Singapore
Workshop date: November 6th, 2017; 13:30-17:00 pm.

Keynote talks by:

Prof. Alfredo Cuzzocrea  from University of Trieste
Prof. Archan Misra from Singapore Management University

Program schedule announced, check the schedule page.


In an increasingly digital urban setting, Connected & Concerned Citizens typically give voice to their opinions on various civic topics online over the social media.  Efficient and scalable analysis of these citizen voices on social media to derive actionable insights is an essential need for developing smart cities.  The very nature of the data namely its heterogeneity and dynamism, the lack of large annotated corpora, and the need for multi-dimensional analysis across space, time and semantics, makes urban social media analytics challenging. This workshop is dedicated to the theme of social media analytics for smart cities, with the aim of focusing the interest of CIKM research community on the challenges in mining social media data for urban informatics. 

We are interested in fostering cross collaboration between researchers on information retrieval, social media analytics, linguistics, social scientists, and civic authorities, to develop scalable and practical solutions to the real life problems of cities as voiced by their citizens in social media. The aim of this workshop is to encourage researchers to develop techniques for urban analytics of social media data, with specific focus on applying these techniques to practical urban informatics applications of smart cities. 

Important dates
Paper submission due: August 18 2017
Notification of acceptance: August 31 2017
Camera-ready copy due: September 13 2017
Workshop date: November 6 2017
All deadlines are 23:59 Hours PST

Workshop Organizers/Co-chairs
       Manjira Sinha, Conduent Labs India 
       Xiangnan He, National University of Singapore
       Alessandro Bozzon, Delft University of Technology
       Sandya Mannarswamy, Conduent Labs India
       Pradeep K. Murukannaiah, Rochester Instittute of Technology
       Tridib Mukerjee, Conduent Labs India