Would you like a dashboard for your bicycle that controls all your electronic accessories from one device?                                
             Increases your visibility on the road?
             comes with turn signals and an automatic brake light?
             gives you cycling directions to any location?
             shows you speed and distance?                                  
Then you need to know about SMART TURN!

SMART TURN - An all-in-one electronic dashboard for your bicycle!

SMART TURN has two components: A SMART TURN APP and a SMART TURN VEST.

SMART TURN is designed around a smart phone and comes with

How to use SMART TURN?

    Step 1: Wear your SMART TURN VEST                                    Step 2: Download SMART TURN APP                        Step 3: Attach your phone to your bicycle 

Why choose SMART TURN?

SMART TURN helps you

1. Increase your visibility on the road
You are wearing a reflective vest that has at least 13 LEDs flashing at any given time. By increasing visibility you increase your safety on the road.  

2. Effectively communicate your intention to traffic
Doing hand signals while making a turn with your bicycle is dangerous; You can loose your balance and fall. Unlike hand signals, turn signal indicators of SMART TURN stays on for the entire duration of your turn. SMART TURN also comes with an automatic brake signal that alerts vehicles behind you to slow down. 

3. Change from one bicycle to another easily 
SMART TURN attaches to the cyclist, not to the bicycle. The only part that attaches to the bicycle is your phone, but you can use a detachable smart phone holder. So if you decide to not have your own bicycle, and to use a public bike share system or rent a bicycle, then you can take SMART TURN with you. Plus you don't need to worry about anyone stealing your SMART TURN system. 

4. Save money on batteries
SMART TURN is fully rechargeable. You can charge the SMART TURN VEST just like you charge your phone. You don't have to worry about replacing and disposing of batteries. 

5. Enjoy your ride
SMART TURN offers many features to make you safe, connected and be confident as a cyclist on the road.  

How do I get a SMART TURN?

SMART TURN is still in its development stage. I am working to develop a production model of SMART TURN. If you have any feedback, questions or comments regarding SMART TURN, I would love to hear from you. Please send me an email at kasun.somaratne@gmail.com. Thank you!