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SmartTraining supports ANT+ sensors.

* ver.6.5.0 supports Foot Pod, Heart Rate Monitor and Bike speed cadence sensor.

What sensor can I use?

- Foot Pod

  SmartTraining works with Wahoo FItness and Garmin Foot Pod as well.

  Wahoo Fitness Foot Pod / Garmin Foot Pod

  In setting screen of SmartTraining select "Walk" or "Run" for Training Type ([Settings] > [Training type]) and select Foot Pod for Distance and Steps ([Settings] > [Measure] > [Distance and number of steps]). 

- Heart rate monitor

  SmartTraining works with Wahoo Fitness and Garmin Heart rate monitor as well.

  Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor / Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

  In setting screen of SmartTraining, select use heart rate monitor ([Settings] > [Measure] > [ANT sensor] > [Use heart rate monitor] > ON). Your heart rate is shown in Measure screen and stored to DB. You can see the heart rate in Graph screen. The heart rate is uploaded to Google Docs.

- Bike speed cadence sensor

  SmartTraining works with Wahoo Fitness and Garmin Bike speed cadence sensor as well.

  Wahoo Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor / Garmin Speed/Cadence Bike sensor

  In setting screen of SmartTraining, select "Bicycle", "Wheelchair" or "Cub" for Training Type ([Settings] > [Training type]) and select ANT+ cadence sensor for Distance and Steps ([Settings] > [Measure] > [Distance and number of steps]).

What need?

  You need to get android phone to support ANT. See support phones list.

  You need to install 'ANT Radio Service' to your phone. It can be found on the Android market. If you can't find it, your phone does not support ANT.

About ANT+

  ANT+ is the standards of short range wireless and some profiles. It is supported healthcare devices , fitness devices, and so on.

  SmartTraiing is able to get the data from ANT device and sensors.

  See SonyEriccson site for detail.


  This application use library that is provided from Wahoo Fitness.