Smart teddy

Smart teddy is a smart object designed during the Polytech'Nice Sophia courses - IAM 02. It is intended to be a smart stuffed toy, which follows the first step in a children's life. In this document, you'll find any information relativ to the object, from the brain storming to the conception.

  • Stephane Perrin - stperrin@polytech.unice.fr
  • Gabriel Serme - serme@polytech.unice.fr


  • December 15 - First document explaining our external aspect sent through our collaborative platform.
  • January 9 - Specifications internal organization
  • January 23 - Development almost done ;)
  • January 30 - Well, let's develop again.
  • February - We get back the prototype and start the final integration. Conception of a demo and a video
  • February 13 2009 - Successful presentation in front of the jury. Our prototype works perfectly (well, if we don't talk about UPnP stability and some repertoried bugs in the pda)
  • February 23 2009 - The web site is online with the video of the demonstration


For our first try, our prototype object needs to communicate with its environment, able to capture or play sound. As the device(s) has to be embedded in a stuffed toy, it has to be small enough.

Our needed materials :

  • Pocker PC Dell Axim 30
  • Smart teddy prototype

Our optional requirements for our work are :

  • speakers powerless, tiny and cheap to enhance the audio quality
  • Bluetooth headset to outsource the micro to enhance the quality again.
  • A webcam
  • A pingoo stuffed toy for final testig


Attached documents :

  • PowerPoint Presentation : presentation given to presents the work we have done
  • smart_teddy_src : project sources, and brief description of each part
  • Cahier des charges : specifications for the external view of the object and high level description of functionnalities with use cases
  • Technical : succinct description of material used and liaison between them.
  • Pictures : pictures of the prototype taken during the conception by Remy gattucci.


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